Love.Laugh.Kiss - Journey to my Wedding : 6 Months to Go!

Love . Laugh . Kiss - Journey to my Wedding

As some may know, I'm getting married!

It's a new phrase in my life, preparing for my big day.
I'm gonna start blogging about the up and downs, things I don't know & start to know a little bit more from head to toe of my wedding preparation. So stay tuned, and watch this blog!

There's plenty of things I'm learning at this stage of my life and I hope sharing benefits people who are as confused as me. Haha.

What's done:
We went through the process of:
- Booking Bridal Package
- Try & Select Gown & Suit
- Go for Indoor & Outdoor Bridal Photoshoot

- Selection of Photos
- Received softcopies and hard copies in Album & Posters

{Childhood Montage Video}
By right, if you're hiring Videographers on your wedding day. 

You may get a FREE childhood montage along in the package. For my case, I didn't hire any Videographers as I'm not so much of a "video" person. I don't really like to look at the video of myself. *Awkward*
I've high expectations in visual media yet no such talent to make nice videos. 
So I bought a nice template that cost me less than 100usd online and DIY by myself.

{Purchase of Wedding Gowns & Heels}
Stay tuned for this. Yes, I bought my own gown.
So I won't need to rush around like crazy woman after my wedding day to return things. Haha.

{Wedding Invitation}
Cards are not yet ready.
But E-Invitations are sent out, and already confirm who is attending. Next, is the design for the card. Hired Illustrator to customize our faces into illustration and the design of the card is halfway done.

{Pre-bookings done}
/ Wedding Ceremony & Banquet Location /
/ Wedding Solemnization & ROM Location /
/ Professional Emcee for Wedding Ceremony /
/ Actual Day & ROM Photographer /
/ Actual Day Makeup Artist /
/ Candy Floss Vendor for ROM Session /
(Candy Floss is one of those good memories we had in our relationship, and we want to share the sweetness and sugary love with everybody, we booked a FREE flow session for this)

Half way done:
- Bridesmaid's Outfit

(We're planning Rilakkuma's theme for morning gatecrash. 
Hopefully, my bridesmaids can fit in the dress I bought. Gonna do fitting in July)

- Gatecrash Game Planning 
(Bridesmaid discussion in July)

- Wedding Invitation Card
(On its way, being a middle man..)

Many things ahead:
/ Purchase of Wedding Band & Other Accessories /
/ Planning of March in timings & activities on Wedding Day /
/ Music Selections for Wedding Ceremony /
/ Booking of  Florist: Floral Bouquet, Boutonniere, Corsages & Car Decoration /
/ Car / Bus Rental for Wedding Day /
/ Parent & In-law Parent's Attire /
/ Groom's Attire /
/ Draft out Thank you Speech /
/ Sourcing for Decorations for the desired theme of Reception /
/ Food tasting at Banquet /
/ Plan Wedding Day Itinerary /
/ Booking of Solemnizer / (Maximum 3 months before Actual Day)
/ Makeup Artist Trial Makeup Session /
/ Chinese Tradition: Guo Da Li Ceremony /
/ Groom to buy new bed & settings /
/ Plan event layout & seat arrangement /
/ Wedding Rehearsal on Actual Day /

Did I forget anything? Haha.

I'll keep you updated! Stay tuned!


 Hope you've enjoyed reading through my Blogpost!


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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