Love.Laugh.Kiss - Journey to my Wedding : Pre-wedding Photoshoot & Album Display

Love . Laugh . Kiss - Journey to my Wedding

{Pre-wedding Photoshoot & Album Display}

Before we got our main & final Pre-wedding Photoshoot photos, we had 2x other couple photoshoot session done too. Just experimental, and seeing a different point of view of our wedding photos.
Thankfully, because the majority of my friends are Photography talented, which gives me the extra comfort space to play with some concept I wanted. Thank you Huiying, Stephen, Sam, Andrew, Huihui, Tenglin, Joi... You guys are a great help to me!
For friends who have thought of asking your talented friends to take photo for you, I would advise you to think twice. Partly because it is very "shag" to travel whole day around to get photos done. With professional, it would be much better because they plan everything for you nicely.

We've got quite a bit of delay in the self-planned photoshoot, spent 1-2days only get lesser than 10x good photos. It's worth to spend your money on a Professional photoshoot.

However, not all online self-proclaimed Photographers are professional.
Sometimes online portfolios of photography companies or photographers can be deceiving, no offense to photographers but my personal opinion is you really gotta be really careful in selecting your photographer. There are more and more people holding DSLR and earning freelance money by clickings. Well, we know that's not professional. But how do you differentiate by just looking at portfolios? 

Partly, we didn't get many good photos because there was a few hazard accident happened. I injured my feet by a heavy accidental kick from my fiancee. Haha. Silly accident.

So I was wearing slippers during the photo shoot.

With Professionals around, all these hazards may be prevented.

My friends were a great help to me in taking care of all the situations we had.
It's a good try with happy moments.

Some of these photos below along with the ones above will also be displayed on our Wedding Day. 

These were taken right after we decided to tie the knot, as part of our memories we hired a Professional Photographer.
Honestly, I was not very satisfied with the shots and experience. 

In fact, the photographer totally doesn't know what to do with us. We've to find our own pose and guide him on how to shoot us. It was terrible.

Yay, I was deceived by their Portfolios too. 
So I thought, "how I wish I can do a self-shoot for myself"
(but you know, I know it's not that possible)
This is the best photos out of the few, and yeah... pose suggested by me. -_-|||

Before any photo shoot, there's always a full list of memorable things to bring along your photoshoot! So here's ours!

 For the final & main photoshoot
As mentioned, we went through the process of:
- Booking Bridal Package
- Try & Select Gown & Suit (I've 6x Gown)
- Go for Indoor & Outdoor Bridal Photoshoot (We took 2days)

- Selection of Photos (We bought all photos)
- Received softcopies and hard copies in Album & Posters

Some of the photos:

 Luckily, the final/main photoshoot was very satisfying. We both love the photos a lot. Bought all of it!

I guess most people won't spend so much effort, time & money on multiple photo shoots. I'm just the weird one, loving photos and lots of beautiful photos!


 Hope you've enjoyed reading through my Blogpost!


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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