Love.Laugh.Kiss - Journey to my Wedding : 2 Months to Go!

Love . Laugh . Kiss - Journey to my Wedding
Keeping up with my previous 4 Months to Go blogpost.
Now it's 2 Months to Go! And Life is super busy, here's more updates:

What's done:
{Childhood Montage Video}
{Purchase of Wedding Gowns & Heels}
{Pre-bookings done}
{Wedding Ceremony & Banquet Location}
{Wedding Solemnization & ROM Location}
{Professional Emcee for Wedding Ceremony}
{Actual Day & ROM Photographer}
{Actual Day Makeup Artist}
{Candy Floss Vendor for ROM Session}
{Parent & In-law Parent's Attire}
{Groom's Attire}

{Other Pending stuff}

Wedding Invitation Card is ready to send out /

Reception Decorations is almost done. However, haven't totally visualize everything in place yet /

/ Plan Wedding Day Itinerary, Discussed and going to finalize /

Booking of Solemnizer, chope chope already! /

/ Food tasting at Banquet, Just done...! OMG I love the Shark Fin Soup! /

/ Makeup Artist Trial Makeup Session, to be done mid of November /

/ Booking of  Florist: Floral Bouquet, Boutonniere, Corsages & Car Decoration, finally got a good recommendation for this that fits within the budget! Hooray! /

/ Car Rental for Wedding Day, with the help of some lovely friends this was done easier than I ever thought /

/ Chinese Tradition: Guo Da Li Ceremony, I'm not really tradition so I leave it to my fiancee to handle /

/ Bus Rental for Wedding Day, Fiancee is doing it this month! /

{Bridemaid's & related}

Outfit done & ready to send out to my Bridemaids.

Gatecrash Game Planning & discussion is done.

{Brother's & related}

Brother's meetup & discussion has failed multiple times.
( I know what you're thinking, brothers side I should not interfere. However, my fiancee is the anti-social type and doesn't have many friends. So most of the brothers are my friends. Ouch, can't torture them too much.)

Brother's Outfit has been sent for customization.
Hopefully, can be done early Novemeber!

{Not done yet}
/ Purchase of Wedding Band & Other Accessories /
/ Planning of March in timings & activities on Wedding Day /
/ Music Selections for Wedding Ceremony /
/ Draft out Thank you Speech /
/ Draft out Vows for Solemnization /
/ Groom to buy new bed & settings /
/ Plan event layout & seat arrangement /
/ Wedding Rehearsal on Actual Day /


Did I forget anything? Haha.

I'll keep you update again! Stay tuned!

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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