Love.Laugh.Kiss - Journey to my Wedding : 1 Month to Go!

Love . Laugh . Kiss - Journey to my Wedding

Keeping up with my previous 2 Months to Go blogpost.
Now it's 1 Month to Go, here's more updates:

What's done:
{Childhood Montage Video}{Wedding Photo Slideshow Video}
{Purchase of Wedding Gowns & Heels}
{Pre-bookings done}
{Wedding Ceremony & Banquet Location}
{Wedding Solemnization & ROM Location}
{Professional Emcee for Wedding Ceremony}
{Booking of Actual Day & ROM Photographer}
{Booking of Actual Day Makeup Artist}
{Candy Floss Vendor for ROM Session}
{Parent & In-law Parent's Attire}
{Groom's Attire}
{Banquet Foodtasting}
{Booking of Solemnizer}

{Booking of  Florist: Floral Bouquet, Boutonniere, Corsages & Car Decoration}
{Car Rental for Wedding Day & Guo Da Li}
{Music Selections for Wedding Ceremony}
{Purchase of Wedding Band & Other Accessories}
{Makeup Artist Trial Makeup}
I know it doesn't really look like me, it's just for a day:

{Other Pending stuff}

Wedding Invitation Card , 90% has been sent out /

Reception Decorations shopping and buying part is done. However, haven't put them in place to visualize everything  /

/ Plan Wedding Day Itinerary, Finally passed it over to my brother and done /

Chinese Tradition: Guo Da Li Ceremony + Wedding Cake Delivery, early December... coming soon...  /

/ Bus Rental for Wedding Day, have to remind Fiancee to do it soon! /

{Bridemaid's & related}

Outfit done & sent to half of my Bridesmaids.

Gatecrash Game Planning & discussion is done.

{Brother's & related}

Brother's meetup & discussion Fiancee says he no time.

Brother's Outfit I'm gonna send it to Brothers with my biological brother on Guo Da Li Day.
{Not done yet}
/ Planning of March in timings & activities on Wedding Day /
/ Draft out Thank you Speech /
/ Draft out Vows for Solemnization /
/ Groom to buy new bed & settings /
/ Plan event layout & seat arrangement /
/ Wedding Rehearsal on Actual Day /


Did I forget anything? Haha.

I'll keep you update again! Stay tuned!

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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