Love.Laugh.Kiss - Wedding Actual Day - Part 1

Love . Laugh . Kiss - Journey to my Wedding
Talking about Wedding Actual Day, every single detail in planning the Actual Day is critical. Although it would have been much better to have Event planners, however both my husband and I finds it better financially to do it ourselves along with our trusted friends to help up. 

It's a long and tire day definitely and 80% of the things happened today on 23rd December 2017 are uncontrollable because Both of us are busy on our own too. First, let's start with the "almost kissed" Gatecrash game: Groom & Groom's best friend.
There we go, one of the gatecrash game, leg waxing for man.
This is Brother Elson having his Forfeit with a lipstick kiss from Brother Alex.
We ended off Gatecrash game with some Promises list for the Groom.

And here goes, my lovely Bridemaids in cute Rilakkuma dresses.
Anyway, my nicely arranged florals bouquet are done by Jennifer from The Mystic Gardens. Thank you Gary for the recommendation! It's so unique to have Daisy flower for marriage and not Rose, I love Daisy!
Here's the morning look with my White Gown. Thank you Janice for helping me with the Gown's ordering! Yes, I've bought my own sets of gown. (Trying to sell as pre-loved now on Carousell too)

Also, with the help of Cynthia (Hair stylist), my hair wig looks as good as real ones. My makeup artist Koreen is super passionate and good in what she does, it's good to be the most beautiful woman for a day. 
Here we go, going to the Groom's house. Journey from the West to East side of Singapore!
Before we arrived, our Hammies are already there waiting for us!
I actually wanted a photo with both my husbands and our hamsters.. So here it is. And nope, we're not going to let them make babies. They stay in different cages.
Hamsters: Hooray! Our owners are getting married!

While waiting for arrival of Groom's side relative, we have a while for Bridemaids & Brothers Photoshoot around the Groom's house. So here are a few simple and memorable shots:
As well as both of us.
Levitated Brothers? 
And.. our Rilakkuma Bear on our Wedding car is also done by Jennifer from The Mystic Gardens. Raymond and I are very Thankful to get many lovely people to help us on our Actual Day that also includes our Drivers of the Day, Louis, Jesq & Daniel!
The above photographs are all taken by Photographer Jordan from SHE Bridal Gallery. On 22nd December 2017, I was panicked because our Photographer who we booked in advanced couldn't make it. However, taken care of and replaced with Photographer Jordan. It was too sudden, we couldn't have many choices to choose from. Luckily, everything went well and we're getting sharp pictures from the Photographer. 
I don't really prefer the green tint in my wedding photos and so I've made my own adjustment to the Photos in Adobe Lightroom Software. If you have a certain expectation for the final photos, my advice is you just got to inform your Wedding Photographer. So they will try to go along with your style or your liking. I didn't manage to inform him and felt Thankful to have a Photographer in a last minute situation. Although we've booked all the necessary vendors almost half-a-year before our wedding. There'll always be situations here and there, the more backups you've the better it is. 


Thank you Gary! 
Thank you Ian!
Thank you Janice!
Thank you Koreen!
Thank you Daniel!
Thank you Zack, Alex, Louis, Elson!Thank you Jesq, Winnie, Angeline, Cynthia!
Thank you Jennifer, The Mystic Gardens!
Thank you Justin & Jordan, SHE Bridal Gallery!
Thanks all Family Members too!

Thanks for reading!

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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