Love.Laugh.Kiss - Wedding Actual Day - Part 2

Love . Laugh . Kiss - Journey to my Wedding

I'm a very stress wife and half the stress reduced after the morning Gatecrash. Thank God!

Here's the next nervous moment, our Solemnization!

The time was pretty tight in the evening to night time. Once Solemnization ends, it's time for the Banquet to get ready with Food and other arrangements. While the Banquet gets ready all things in the Ballroom, Raymond and I get ready in the hotel room with our makeup touchup and outfit changes.
Bridesmaids help and put the Decorations together, although it doesn't really seem like the planned ones. That's part of the things we can't control on Wedding Day because we're too busy with our face, wearables and timing. Haha. Album Table is good enough to have it visible for our Guest!

Nice fake cake prepared by Orchid Country Club, especially for us!
Wedding Champagne Pouring!
Yum Seng!!!

Special Thanks to my Brother Zhi Qiang who "Facebook live" all the way from Morning till End of Day for me. And, also luckily I've got to know Circles Life Telco in time so my bill won't end up shocking.
Here are our Dashing Brothers!
And.. one of the most happening table on our Wedding!

The above photographs are all taken by Photographer Jordan from SHE Bridal Gallery. On 22nd December 2017, I was panicked because our Photographer who we booked in advanced couldn't make it. However, taken care of and replaced with Photographer Jordan. It was too sudden, we couldn't have many choices to choose from. Luckily, everything went well and we're getting sharp pictures from the Photographer.
I don't really prefer the colour and contrast in my wedding photos and so I've made my own adjustment to the Photos in Adobe Lightroom Software. If you have a certain expectation for the final photos, my advice is you just got to inform your Wedding Photographer. So they will try to go along with your style or your liking. I didn't manage to inform him and felt Thankful to have a Photographer in a last minute situation. Although we've booked all the necessary vendors almost half-a-year before our wedding. There'll always be situations here and there, the more backups you've the better it is.

Also, Special Thanks to our Professional Emcee Jack from Happy Sparrow for making our Wedding Programme fun and not boring! I hate dead bored weddings.
Orchid Country Club has been good to us. Everything we ask for, they are happy to provide. I would also like to thank Sheena who in-charged in our Wedding & other important preparations along the way. She's Great!
I'm also happy to say... Thank God we've two Photographers in the night to give us different "feelings" and mood in our photos. Photographer Wilson did a Great job in shooting some nice angle shots for us! Just like the above two photos and this one here:


Thank you Zhi Qiang!
Thank you Ian & Wilson!
Thank you Jesq, Winnie, Angeline!
Thank you Zack, Alex, Louis, Elson!
Thank you Jack, Emcee from Happy Sparrow!
Thank you Justin & Jordan, SHE Bridal Gallery!
Thank you Stephen Lye, Wedding Solemnizer! 
Thank you Sheena & team, Orchid Country Club!
Thanks all Family Members and All Guest attended!

Thanks for reading!
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