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I'm sharing some Service Provider which I used for my Wedding & preparations on my blog here, just in case you're in need of it and can't find a suitable one. We had a hard time researching and finding suitable ones for us. Hope this list helps.

Wedding Floral Bouquet @ The Mystic Gardens
I was being recommended by a friend to hire Jennifer from The Mystic Gardens, she is super approachable and very into listening to our needs as well as she have offered us with her great passionate service to provide the best for our Wedding.

Why I choose The Mystic Gardens and not others?
I'm able to choose and customize the flowers and floral arrangement i desire at an affordable rate.

Wedding Invitation Card & Thank you Card Print @ Printmystuffsg

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I love especially the foil card by Printmystuffsg, it's considered quite cheap for the quality given. The silver foil along with the shiny photos makes my Wedding decor and postcards looks absolutely Luxury and exquisite.

Why I choose Printmystuffsg and not others?
The Printer is experienced, helpful and creative!
Very affordable price for the printing material provided.

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Wedding Bands @ Citigems

Solemnization Photoshoot @ Cloud Productions Sg
Why would I not choose Cloud Productions? Although it's specialized in Children's Party & Outdoor Photoshoots, Photographers are trained to shoot creative and with pleasant compositions. Just like this shot. I love it so much! Thank you, Photographer Wilson, for giving us shots at many right moments!

Why I choose Sgcloudproductions and not others?
Photos are Artistic and well-composition.
Able to reach my expectations as requested.

Emcee @ Happy Sparrow

Guo Da Li @ Golden Happiness

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Wedding Banquet Location @ Orchid Country Club
Both my husband and I are very happy that we have engaged Orchid Country Club as our Wedding Location. The place is although not as gorgeous as hotels, however, the experience we had with OCC and person-in-charge Sheena is very smooth and awesome!

Why I choose Orchid Country Club and not others?
They have hotel room in the Country Club and Banquet rates are between the hotel and restaurant's wedding banquet rate. Not as cheap as restaurant, however value-for-money for menu packages they have. Honestly and seriously I love the Sharkfin soup... The food given is very generously.

Candy Floss Booth @ Candy House
Pre-wedding Photoshoot @ Destino Bridal Gallery
Both my husband and I are very satisfied with our Pre-wedding photoshoot with Destino. Knowing that they are one of the best and biggest Bridal Studio in Johor Bahru has also given us a peace of mind.

Why I choose Destino and not others?
I was first attracted by their beautiful gowns, a wide range of selections to choose from. Reasonable packages and able to reach my expectations, happy to hire an award-winning photographer without any additional charges. Value-for-money. The service and the end results are extremely impressive. No doubts in any aspect of the service they provide.


Wedding Makeup @ Beautistyle


Actual Day Photoshoot @ SHE Bridal Gallery
It was fate that makes us try them, we were just nice passing by a Wedding Fair and their portfolio showcase were very stunning and impressive. However, we were slightly disappointed about the last minute change of photographer which happened a day before. Thank God, Photos turn out to be clear and sharp. However, the style is not as what we preferred or spoken as promised. Good enough for general I guess.

Why I choose SHE Bridal and not others?
They are really friendly and best of all their prices are affordable. I think that's also the winning point which attracted us to sign, great photos and affordable price.


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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