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If I haven't been told that Singapore still exist Kelong, I would have thought that we no longer have such a culture since long ago because I've always thought that it somewhat vanished just as like the Kampongs that has been demolished and already became part of Singapore's History.
Recently, I've got invited to visit one of the Kelong in Singapore. And Surprise surprise, they still exist. I actually thought there's only one or a few left in Singapore when I was just speaking to one of the owner of this Kelong (Bryan) on Whatsapp, however I realized there's more than a few when I was there. The reason why we don't really see them is probably because they're only nearer to Pulau Ubin or restricted area of Lorong Halus. It is definitely not for Public visitation, and every single visits needs Personal Details & Particular Registered inadvanced to enter this place. And ofcourse, you'll need the Boatman from the Kelong to fetch you there.

Last week I visited Ah Hua Kelong, Kelong number 117 via Lorong Halus Jetty by AVA.
This Kelong (Fish Farm) has been here for about 9 years, It was bought over by Bryan and his partner in recent years. I heard it used to be a tiny platform when it first started and it grew bigger year by year.
I've always thought Seafood we ate are imported from our Neighbour Island or far away, by visiting Ah Hua Kelong I witnessed that Singapore also produce Seafood and they are distributed to Restaurants locally.

Coming back to the Kelong topic, Bryan told me, in order to keep their Seafood healthy and delicious they feed the Big Fishes like Groupers with these Cute looking tiny fishes and not Pellets. For the smaller fishes, they are actually quite picky in food and only go for Pellets. 
The small and tiny fishes were caught on daily basis in the night via their Fishing system at the back of this Fish Farm. Bryan also shared with me, Fishes in the night likes to follow the Moonlight. As for that, they uses Flood Lights to attract the Fishes coming into the Farm and Catch them up when they are trapped in the net. 
Here's a Photo of me and my boyfriend at Ah Hua Kelong. Apparently we're Standing on the Platform that is floating on 20m deep sea. 
Other than the Beautiful Scenery at Ah Hua Kelong, I was told that one of the secret to keep their Seafood really delicious when cook is because of the aggregate level of the salt in the Sea. The Salt makes the Seafood even Tastier.
And, ofcourse we got to try some of the Seafood here.

Most of the Sneakpreviews were uploaded on my Instagram last week when we are there, especially you can view the Insta-video of how the Mussels was carried out from the Sea, Cooked and Served to us.
The Mussels was Awesomely Gigantic, and trust me you won't see such size in the Market at the HDB Neighborhood. 
Bryan & his crew uses very basic ingredient to cook these Shellfood dishes for us and it turned out to be nice & yummy for a Seafood lover like me! Imagine, if it's in the Restaurant where the Chef have a better skill to cook it... It can taste even much Awesome with such Freshness. 
We were suggested not to drink the gravy, as it may be too salty because it was freshly carried out from the Salty Sea Water. To me, the gravy was salty but it is still reasonably tasty and drinkable so I guess it's up to individual preferences.
The Taste of the DaTou (大头) Clam was slightly different from the one I tasted in the Market or Tzu Char Stall. Especially, the Texture of the Da Tou Clam... in chinese we call it "". 
We had the chance to try the Seabass too. The Fish Lover would love the Fish Tummy, said "Brandon" another person we met while visiting Ah Hua Kelong.
And, yes. Pretty much true. My Boyfriends love the Fish Tummy lots.

Here's a Photo of the Fish before it became our Dishes:
Other Random Photos taken from Ah Hua Kelong:
Although Bryan had prepared the Dishes for us during our Visitation and we ate quite alot of it. It was so Delicious & Fresh till we want to buy more and share with our love ones. So we bought some back too!
My Future Mother-in-law is a Home Maker, and so we brought back for her to cook. She was also surprised to see such BIG Mussels. She told us she've never see Mussel this big before. Sounds Great & Unique to hear it from a Home Maker / Housewife. 

I am so Lucky, to eat both the taste from Ah Hua Kelong and the taste from my Future Mother-in-law. The one cooked by Ah Hua Kelong were nice, but ofcourse if you are super Skillful in cooking you'll be able to bring out better taste of it. Look at how my Future Mother-in-law cooked and served  those Mussels here via Insta-Video.

It's so nice to have an Adventure within Singapore but seeing the non-mainstream from our Motherland. Time to say Goodbye to my Kelong Adventure.
If you would like to order from Ah Hua Kelong too, For your information they provide Fresh Seafood Delivery for FREE at Every S$40 Spent.

I think it's pretty Good for Parties, BBQ & Gatherings order too. Ah Hua Kelong is open for Home Makers to order too. Great Stuff, Local Seafood from Singapore. Made in Singapore. =)

AH HUA KELONG, Details for your reference:


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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