Interview with Inspiring Magician, Balloonist - Jy Norvin

Hello Everybody, it's always great to know somebody's else life and had them to share with you alot more experiences in their life.

Last week I had an interview with a promising balloon artist and magician, Jy Norvin. He has a vast experience in entertainment line. Lets see the interview below now!

Singapore Leading Balloon Company – The Balloon Thing

Hi Jy, a pleasure to meet you and take this time out for this interview. How did you even started doing magic and balloon business?

-  Oh, I liked magic since young after watching a magician who resemble Ronald Macdonalds, performed in my child care centre but I did not actually learnt until I entered Republic Polytechnic which have a magic cca.

How long have you been doing this line of business and what are the challenges faced?

- I have been doing kids party, stage and roving magic and balloon sculpting  for about 8 years whereas I started doing balloon decoration only from 2 years ago after learning from my good friend, Jazz.  In every business, there will ought to have challenges and one of my greatest challenges are  not able to meet my expectation in decoration. I will make sure all the decoration are in tip top condition before I leave the client’s place if not I will be disappointed with myself.

Does your family supports you when you told them you wanted to do it full time?
Actually, which families support their family members when they said they wanted to be entertainer? I don’t think so unless you come from rich family. They will think that this career does not go far and does not help in generate huge amount of income compared to doctors and lawyers but i sticked to my own decision and passion. I believed I will go far in this career with the help of my entertainer friends.

What are your future plans in your balloon and magic career?
-          I hope to create more smiles for the kids as well as the adult.  I hope to work with more event companies and other trades of business to give values to the customers. Hope to have a office/shop of my own as well.

Okay to end off, what are some of the tips you will advise the future upcoming magicians and balloon artist?

Continue your passion and don’t give up

Up till here, I would like to thank Jy Norvin from The Balloon Thing for this awesome interview. If you are a fan of balloons or you love balloons related stuff very much, you can check out at the link below for more of Jy Norvin's pictures!

The Balloon Thing focus more on balloon decoration for birthday party ( and Balloon sculpting services (

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