Forums benefits 6 kind of people! Are you one of these 6?

Are you a Forum user? or haven't tried using at all? You might be one of these 6 people who are able to get benefits from a Forum! 

Having a message board that is recorded in your timeline permanently is a great way to foster a community of people, interact and share information! Unlike Facebook or Whatsapp, messages will always pushed downwards or deleted after some time.

(1) Introverts who loves Communicating with people

Some say lah, keyboard warrior! 
One of the reason why many people joined a forum is because they want to e-meet and interact with other like-minded individuals. Some may love to e-meet than meet, well some others may love both.

Although WeChat seems like it's taking over this system, but i still kinda find that wechat have too much guys trying to get to know girls which sometimes can be very irritating for girls. 

(2) Business Owners
(3) Marketing Executives & etc.

Sometimes, business people needs to make their clients part of their personal life, depending on individual person for a better and tactful service. Forum can help business owners create a strong brand that will associate with and delivering excellent customer experience at many level.

(4) Bloggers

Being active in Forum is one of the best way to draw people to your website or blog, which in some ways advantaged to the other people in the Forum as well. For instance, if you've blogged about something related or useful to that other user question on the Forum thread, it would be a good exchange and reference for the Forum's audience.

(5) Freelancers
For personal reasons, we might just want to get to know more like-minded individuals. For $$$ purpose, it is a good platform for Freelancers to share their business for additional exposure to the Forum's audience.

(6) Mommies
Especially first time mommies who doesn't have connections with other mommies. Forum is a great platform in which you get opportunities to chat with different people who might have more experience in certain aspect than you do as well as pretty much willing to share. It's a better experience than having struggle with your pregnancy or anything relate to it.

It's Time We Chat on Forum!

Personally, i have never really being active in Forum before and i just got it started a few months backed. Found out many facts and learnt alot from different people. Shared more things these days as well talking to more people!

My Recommendations for you is to start with , especially if you're a female. Because Petal Bytes is well-known for Women of Singapore ChitChat Community and it's One and Only Women's Forum in Singapore!
Here are some Shortcuts to their Sub-board:

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