Genius Beauty Life Hacks You MUST Try!

As much as we love our elaborated beauty routines, sometimes we want to spend lesser time maintaining our beauty and get the most out of. And, that's why we should switch beauty habits and routines to Life hacks. It's never too late to start Lifehacks! I love lifehacks, and I've compiled a list of the very best hacks to share it here!

Some of the Lifehacks I practice: 

(1) Apply Baby Oil for Nails, to prevent Dead skin
Baby oil is typically 98% mineral oil and 2% of fragrance. It is an excellent moisturizer and it exfoliates skins and remove dead cells. Rubbing just a few drops of Baby oil helps us to prevent dead skin cells on our hands and feet. Currently using: Johnson's Baby Oil

(2) Buy Leave On condition, for non frizzy hair whole day long
For soft, manageable, beautiful hair, it's important to choose the best moisturizer for the hair and of course not to leave scalp being greasy for a more healthy hair growth. While using shampoo and conditioner is almost a common habit for most of us.
After i dyed my hair Pink Blue, it's kind of all about maintenance of the hair. I've added two more routine to my beauty habits, one is to apply hair serum and another is applying Leave On Hair Condition. Currently using: Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Cell Perfector Color Freeze Spray Condition.

(3) Wash Waxed & Hair-sprayed hair by using Hair-Conditioner
After all that hair damage from my Pre-wedding Photoshoot's makeup & very much waxed hairstyle, both me and my fiancee have learnt about the Lifehacks for removing hardening hair wax from our hair and leaving it in good condition than having it damaged. 
We had back-to-back days Photoshoots, so everyday was just about washing our hair right and leave a better hair texture for that every tomorrow. Remove that layer of hardening wax or hairspray by using Hair-Conditioner, this might take a few repeated wash before it's totally gone and then you may apply Shampoo and wash it clean.

(4) Prevent Shoe Blisters with Gel Deodorant or Body Lotion
Some of the things that school doesn't teach us. When I was still growing in my teenage-hood, there's always a need to buy new shoes. When there's new shoe, there'll be some shoes that somehow "bites" the back of our feet and leave painful blisters on it. So what school didn't teach, but in fact friends does. Soften the part of the shoe that "bites" by using Gel Deodorant or Body Lotion. It helps very much till now. Stay pretty with the good shoes, walk comfortably with this Life hack.

Some of the other things, shared by my Blogger friends:

Few Life Hacks shared by Isabelle 

(5) Use Argan Oil as Hair serum & Face Serum
Argan Oil is produced from a type of nut of the Argan tree, which only grows in Southwestern Moroccoo. In recent years, it has been pretty popular for Beauty products which consist Argan ingredients within. It is also commonly used for hydrating skin from head-to-toe for any skin or hair types.

(6) Spray HairSpray on the Bobby pins before putting into your hair

This Lifehack steps helps to make your pin stay longer on your hair, no matter which style you're going for. Alittle better grip, as to prevent Bobby pin slipping off your smooth hair.

(7) Swap Your Hair Conditioner for Hair Mask 
Hair Mask is quite similar to Hair conditioner, inadditional Hair Mask is essential for Hair Treatment. Most people used it once per week, but there's no reason not to use it more often.. isn't it?

(8) Use Concealer as Eye Primer
Firstly, if you're unsure what is Eye Primer (click here).
You sure knows Concealer right?

Few Life Hacks shared by Yunzi

(9) Use Vaseline + Sugar as Lip Scrub
DIY style for gentle exfoliation for your Lips.

(10) Apply Vaseline to grow Eye Lashes naturally
Another non-expensive DIY way to improve beauty. Infact Vaseline can help in many ways.

(11) Use Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover
If you love the fragrance of Coconut Oil, you're definitely in love with this method to remove your makeup. Infact, Coconut Oil is not just an excellent body moisturizer and hair defrizzer, it turns out to be a really good makeup remover too. It can remove makeup really quickly, no rub is needed.

Few Life Hacks shared by Yvonne

(12) Use Matte brown Eyeshadow to draw eyebrows
Maybe this is a unexpected way to use eye shadow. It works because it doesn't gives you a hard perfect straightness eyebrow, but a soft and natural one.

(13) Use Dark Eyeshadow to fill Hairline Gaps 
All of us have some parts of our head hair dropping off alittle sooner than the other. To hide it, simply take your similar hair colour eyeshadow to cover it up.

(14) Use Lipstick as Face Blusher
Would you wear lipstick on your cheeks in place of blushes?
Pretty cheeks can come from fanciful lipstick colours too. I think it's a good choice especially during travelling when we wana bring less and get more out of things.

Last but not least, not everyone would love to eat Cucumber & Tomatoes. But I do that someday, for great hydrated skin the next very morning. Probably just 2x Cucumbers and 1x standard box of Baby Tomatoes is good enough. Want that Korea flawless white bright skin too? This method works. It kills eyebags too. Ofcourse, a sufficient sleep is needed. 

(My ever-changing hairstyle & look, with Snow App sticker)


Hope you enjoy reading my blog and learnt something from here!


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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