New Cheap Hipster KTV @ West of Singapore!

This year I had my Birthday Celebration in the West of Singapore!

If you're always hanging out in the West and are Singing Fanatic, then you should not miss this Good news! Whether if you're out with your squad, bae or family, Playlist KTV can cater for all of you!
I had 13 pax with me last week, and they fit in the room pretty well. There is still space for us to dance. Haha!

And... Of course, they have plenty of other rooms to choose for different pax gatherings.
In fact, Singing is one of Singaporean's favourite entertainment & hobby.
Are you one Singing Fanatic too?

Some Highlights, I'll like to point out at Playlist KTV:

✓  Free Wifi
(without the need of keying password)

✓  Use your mobile phone to order songs
(and not the far away screen)

✓  Darts Station for your friends (who don't sing) to kill time

✓  Late Night Singing available

✓  Common Hall Singing available 
(good for socializing with like-minded people in between songs)

✓  1x FREE Drink inclusive for any 3hr Deal Booking!

Here's their Pricelist and current Promotion:
I was quite surprised, Playlist KTV is ready on hand and provides all necessary utensils for my Cake cutting session. And, they are also very friendly and present very good service by lending me a space to place my Cake into their fridge when we were all enjoying singing.
You may be wondering, how to order songs from our Phone in KTV rooms.

It's very simple, connect to the FREE Wifi and surf the site given in the instructions.
There goes the playlist right on your mobile phone.
Darts station is located at the Common Hall, and it's chargeable at $1 per game per person only!
Averagely you will get 15 rounds, 3 throws per round for each game.
There are also shorter “Funzone” games like Boxing where players have to aim at certain numbers to box other players which are 50 cents per game per person and is Averagely 8-10 rounds, 3 throws per round.

As heard, these fun zone games are usually more popular with the younger kids. So while you're singing, your kids may be out here playing with some of your family members. Sounds good for family gatherings.
You may order songs from the common hall if you're too lazy to order songs from your phone in the KTV room. The common hall is very spacious, and it's also good to socialize with anyone who just randomly come in and join!

In fact, elderly who finds it challenging using smartphones can use the common hall. Or there's an alternate option of using another type of KTV room which consists of DVD Player so they can bring their favourite song list's disc to play and sing along!

For me, I am definitely the "sing in KTV room" type.
Literally, don't want to break unnecessary "glass" by using Soprano pitch.
And, also I love privacy together with my friends & families.
I'll end my blogpost here, with Birthday wishes together with my family & fiancee.



Location & Opening Hours

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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