Ways to Stay Hydrated Throughout these Heat Days!

Sunny and Hot day, no rain in Singapore is super heatty and staying Hydrated is a challenge for us going through these hot days. Some of the nights, I find it so hard to sleep because I stay in a non air-condition room in my parents house. I've two fan blowing hot air at me, it's miserable. These days I am concern, myself as well as my love ones preventing from getting sick as well as keeping ourselves hydrated.

Just Sharing! Here are Ways to Stay Hydrated Throughout these Heat Days:

1. Drink Water every hour
Drink enough water is the most important thing to keep ourselves fully hydrated throughout the day. Many information on internet says:

Men should drink about 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total fluids a day
Women should drink about 2.2 litres (about 9 cups) of total fluids a day

These are some kind of baseline for you to track, however these really depends on individual person and what you do on a day basis. Eg. If you exercise, there'll be more water lost in sweat so you've to drink more water. On my normal day I drink about 2 litres but these few days I need 3-4 litres due to the current heat.

It is also good if you can slice some lime or lemon in your water. Mainly because lemon / lime water is alkalize in your body and the de-mineralized water can acidify in our body. It's a mild cleansing for our body.

2. Re-hydrate with H2O
What's the best way to rehydrate beside water? It's H2O. 
Drinking H2O is especially good if you're already on your way to dehydrating. It is a fast cure and keeps you hydrating for a few hours and more.

3.Eat Plenty of Fruits, or drink squeezed Fruits
The cooling veggies, Cucumber as well as the juicy fruit Watermelon are two of the most hydrating food you can consume on Hot and thirsty days. Mini tomatoes can also keep your skin less dry. Fruit Juice can help making you feeling less thirsty too.

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4. Eat Soupy Food along your meals
Every liquid counts, even the one along with your meals. It won't totally wash away your thirst but it would provide liquid in your body.

5. Keep yourself in cooling areas
Activities under the sun are not recommended. These days, try something else that can be done under the shades or even better, ice skating @ Jurong East or Kallang. Break away from the heat.

6. Eat some Icecream
Ice cream don't really keep you hydrated but it keep you cooling.
When it's all cool, it's also easier to keep yourself hydrating.

7. Drink Cooling water / Herbal Tea
Cooling water can quickly help regulate body's cold and heat balance. Effectiveness may be vary on individuals. However, me and my love ones drink Three Legs Cooling Water to get rid of heatiness in our body. Heat can caused by many ways, not only the weather. So it's important to keep ourselves cool to prevent us "overheat". Even better, if you are not Liang Teh (Herbal Tea) hater. Most people are fear or dislike the taste of Herbal tea so they would choose Cooling water over Liang Teh. 

Last but not least, eat less heatty food!

How to know if you're Hydrating well?
Check your urine colour is typically good indicators. Some of the other body reactions of Dehydrating can be Bad breath, Dry Skin, Muscles Cramps, Headaches, Fever and Chills. And sometimes, food, sugar and water cravings. Trust your thirst and hunger, it's there for a reason.

How to make Hydration a Habit? 
- Sip on a cup before going off to work
- Sip before and after your meals,
- Bring your water bottle everywhere you go

Staying Hydrated is Super Important, hope this Article helps!

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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