DIY Your Own Cake Like a Pro @ Funsiamo Suntec City

Believe it or not, it's my first time baking and this is the result of my cake:
It does look pretty impressive for a first-timer. There was no teacher, it was only an iPad that taught us the steps and what to prepare. I'm here at Funsiamo with Wenny, we were paired up together to DIY this cake. 
Funsiamo, a place for Baker's Dream Come True. It's a good place to start for individuals who are always inspired by beautiful cakes and want to make on their own.
Founded in Taiwan, Funsiamo opens its first and only studio in Suntec City! Featuring a library of recipes, Funsiamo promises a whole new spin of a fun and experiential day, and a dessert to create for everyone, every occasion. Best of all, No baking experience is needed to attend the classes. 

Each of us has a set of Apron, locker and oven number tag and the ingredients set laid nicely on the table counter. As well as the phone stand for us to have our own behind the scenes video, photo or timelapse as we like especially when we are out of hands.

Whenever we are making food at home in the Kitchen, it's always a mess especially when things aren't planned properly. At Funsiamo, everything is as neat as my dream kitchen. It's shared space but it's spacious and under controlled, taken care by the staff at Funsiamo.

I love the neatness as well as thoughtful details at Funsiamo.

Starting Step-by-Step First, we need to start by making the cake mix and using the same technique to make the next few layers of the cake. It's challenging to self-learn as well as fun at the same time especially if you're doing this with a friend or loved ones. It can also be a weekend event for Family bonding time. 
Next, it's also my first time trying to decorate a cake like a Pro. Haha.

Amazingly, we did it! It really doesn't look like what first timer bakers can do. We are really happy with the result of the cake! Best of all, we can get to eat it.
It's all packed and ready to go!

If you would like to try DIY Baking, here's their details:
3 Temasek Boulevard,#02-458 Suntec City Mall,
(Inbetween Tower 2 & 3)

Opening Hours
Daily 10am-10pm


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