Ojoy A1 Smart Watch: Make and receive calls on your Wrist

Designed for children aged 4 years and above. the Ojoy Kids Smart Watch is a two way communicator for parents to keep track of their children in the daily life. A simple touch of buttons and an intuitive interface opened up a child's curiosity to engaged into this new toy Smartwatch.
The Ojoy Smart Watch can easily synced with any phone, as it is Compatible with both Android and iOS. Parents can make and receive quality voice calls from their phone to the child's Smart watch and vice versa. There is also voice message recording function for both Parent and child. 

Anything from text message, voice message, phone calls, camera mode and GPS tracking has made easy for parents who are always worry about their child and their whereabouts. Some parents dislike letting their kids have their own mobile phones, so this would be an option for their child. Ojoy Smartwatch has similar functions as a smartphone and with controlled content so parents won't have to worry much. It comes with silent / volume control so your kids can bring them along to school. 

There are also Apps inside the smartwatch for children who are picking up Mathematics and learning Geometry. It would be a good practice to play the educational programmes inside the watch especially when they are bored at their waiting time. It's pretty interesting. 

Each of this Smartwatch comes with SOS Emergency Button for call, just in case something happened *touch wood* which makes it hard for them to type or scroll in details. It's a simple few seconds press on SOS button for your child to reach out to you on their Ojoy smartwatch.

A child smartwatch is nothing if it cannot connect to your child and the Good news for parents, here is the tracking device: GPS cannot be turned off by anyone. So if your child doesn't want you to know their whereabouts, they probably have no choice.

The Daily Task Manager aka the Calendar can also help you to organised your child task through the watch as well as easy management controlled from Ojoy App on the Parents phone.

What's more?

For Parents who like to spot-check your children, I've a good news for you! Ojoy has this function call Geo Fence, it will track history of your child's whereabouts and saved it in your Ojoy App. The maximum history data is however a week. 

OJOY A1 specifications

-1.4-inch (320×320 pixels) display with Corning Gorilla Glass protection
-Qualcomm SnapdragoWear 2100
-Memory Space: 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM
-Android-based Kiddo OS with Android and iOS companion apps
-Water Resistant (IP68)
-2MP front camera with 84-degree wide-angle lens
-iOS & Android Call, Message, Camera, Add Friend, Alarm, Stopwatch, Task, Step Count, Weather,   Magic box, Magic school
-4G VoLTE calling, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS for location tracking
-Dimensions:48×40.5×4.25mm;Weight:51 grams
-800mAh battery

You're also able to check when your child power on and off the Smart watch. It can track and record the history of it. Phonebook in the smartwatch are visible on Ojoy App on parents phone, so you won't have to worry if they have baddies as friends.

Fitness kids would also love the built-in steps counter generator in Ojoy Smartwatch.

This beautifully designed Smartwatch comes with two colours, purple pink and blue. Different child with different personality goes for different colours, they can choose one that suits them most. 

Are you tire of clearing dust from charging cable everytime, you won't have to worry about that when Ojoy provides unique charging cable head that doesn't keep dust.

Last but not least, no mud and dirt worry because you can wash it just like how Blogger Shub did it:

Oh yea... It's Waterproof.

Finally, something not from China; Ojoy A1 has made and launched in India and is the country's first 4G VoLTE smartwatch phone for Kids. It is now available in Singapore, Australia and the USA. 

Simply Slot in a 4G Simcard to activate it: No complicated setup needed, it's pretty user-friendly. 

Parenting in the Digital age; to help make life a little easier for all of us, we got to grow with technologies. Bring it on, start letting your children make and receive calls on their wrist. Grow your solutions with Ojoy. It's pretty affordable. To purchase, you may click on Ojoy's E-shop


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