Hydrating Mask for Dry Face - Get Result in 5 Days: M2Gic Sochio LED Mask

For most people, face masks aren't a daily skincare step but more of a once-in-a-blue-moon indulgence. Whether you do a Face mask weekly or every month, no doubt that there lie the benefits of this add-on for your face's skin. 

While all skincare counts as self-care, the M2gic Sochio LED Mask is good for almost every skin type so you won't need to worry about it. So far, this is the Best Face Masks to Hydrate and Brighten my Skin from home. Having said that, M2gic Sochio is quite an affordable yet High-quality at-home beauty care. It is essential now for maintaining my skincare from home. 

I would say I was initially already impressed by how the product works and even much more impressed after trying it out from the first time till now. Furthermore, it has many positive reviews by many influencers as well as the Media such as Beauty Insider and Dailyvanity.  This has become a great addition to my face maintenance routine, it is good even for people who don't go-to facial treatment often. This is absolutely convenient to take great care of the skin as well as rejuvenate and relax at home. 

🚥The LED mask comes in 3 light colors:

🔴RED: skin rejuvenation, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, promote collagen production

🔵BLUE: eliminate acne bacteria, minimize pore size 

🟡YELLOW: brighten skin & lighten melanin.

DAY 1 & 4:
(24K Gold Thread Collagen Mask)
Helps in: Reduce Wrinkles, Instant Lifting, Skin Brightening, A Slimmer “V” Shape face, Anti-Aging, Resilience Skin, Hydrating, Increase Collagen Production. 

DAY 2,3,5:
(Silk Membrane Mask)
Helps in: 
Antioxidant, Skin Cell Regeneration, Minimize Pores, Inhibit the growth of bacteria, Restore youthful appearance, Treating Acne, Soothe Skin, A Slimmer “V” Shape Face, Anti-Aging, Firming Skin, Anti-Inflammatory, Accelerate skin healing process, Calming Skin, Inhibit the growth of acne, Reduce wrinkles, Hydrating Skin, Increase skin elasticity, Revitalize skin, Lightening Skin Pigmentation

The combination of the Mask Sheet and the Nano-technology LED Mask is so good! Now I can be So Chio too! You can too! The Best way to use it is to switch to red 5min, Blue 5min, Yellow 10min. You don't have to set it, it's automatically switched and will auto lights off after 20mins. 

I am often busy and have very less time to relax and recharge my mind, Sochio Mask is a good way to make me put down my phone and focus on relaxing and rejuvenating my skin. There's no best time for relaxing,  it's anytime when you feel your skin is drained and when the mind needs meditation time.

Feel good and be good whenever you can, whenever you want, from home with Sochio Mask.

M2gic SOCHIO LED Mask is retailed at an affordable price at $61 and they also have a bundle set with their Mask sheet so you can save more! Links to their Product pages:


🤘🏻 SOCHIO SET ( LED + 1 box 5 days Sheet Masks) 

🤘🏻 SOCHIO 15days Set Treatment 

🤘🏻 SOCHIO Sheet Mask Set only


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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