Photography Tips: Photography Tricks to have Dreamy Vignetting

Just Sharing a Simple Lifehack Tips on how you can create Random Vignetting in your Photo at your actual Photoshoot. No Photoshop is needed.

This is the original Image with no Lifehacks (Before):
This is the Image with Lifehacks (After):
 How I do it?
How you do Vignette effect that looks dreamy in your photos?

Simply use a Translucent Plastic Bag (I used Macdonalds Recycle Plastic Bag).
Wrap around your camera and cut a hole in the middle (tear the hole if you want it slightly more random). If you would want to shoot for a long time with it, cut a smaller version of the plastic bag and tie a rubber bend on your lens with it so you won't need to hold it and it won't drop.
Thanks to my friend Ezekiel for helping to take Behind-the-Scene Photo.
Please do not re-post these photos without permission.

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