Personalized cakes in Singapore @ MADAME PATISSERIE CAFE

Few weeks ago, I blogged about Madame Patisserie's Cafe at the Grandstand. I was so Impressed with their Pandan taste from the Rainbow Cake served. So I went requesting for a whole lot of Pandan customize in one Cake for my Birthday.

Before the making, some common question were asked other than customizing flavors. Questions such as:
- Any Name/Message on the Cake?
- What design do you prefer?

I was thinking Pandan equals Green and so it equals....... to some Green looking creature?

So I was like brainstorming for awhile, "what stuff  or creature can be Green and cute but not geeky?".

Ok, then I got it. Turtle.

So then I imagined myself eating a Turtle Cake. OMG.
Well, Turtle is my favourite animal so I won't want to kind of eat them in any case.
It sounds really terrible to have a Turtle cake in the first place right? Haha.

Then I sort of psycho myself, it should be a adorable Pandan cake.
So I was pretty excited to see the outcome of the customized Cake.
The Day I went to collect the Cake at Madame Patisserie Cafe, I saw a different perception of the Cake. It was a newly created Turtle, and not the sort I imagined.
 My Turtle is not Green! Haha. So It's definitely not Geeky!
Sherie (Pastry Chef) told me she wanted to give me a Surprise for this.
Having considered that I'm a Lady, and pink might suit me better.

So I've got a Pink Turtle for my Birthday Cake this year. Sounds really Pinky!
It was fun making my Friends guess what flavour my Cake is because they will never guess it right. Some says it's Vanilla, some says it's Strawberry or even Hokkaido Milk. But never ever Pandan in a pink & white looking Cake.

It was with alot of random details considered.
Some cute sugary stuff added on the Cake as well, looks kind of Fairy tale.
Here's a Photo of me and my Fiancee before we consume the Turtle!
My Pinky Turtle holding my 27th Year Old Candle!
And then, Making that random wish and later on it's time for Murdering the Turtle Cake.
Here you go. Seeing the Green Internal of My Pinky Turtle Cake.
While I'm not holding my Camera, my Brother was busy helping me to capture Happy Moments & Memories, taking Photos of the entire Dinner aka Party. We had a really small Gathering this year with only my close Buddies. Short and Sweet hour together, makes my night really Fulfilling.
We are all Happy with our Dinner & the Turtle Cake made by Madame Patisserie!
My mummy was the happiest of all, she probably didn't eat any Pandan Cake nicer than this one before!

Here's my Polaroid Photos with my Buddies.....
I've also requested some Photos from Madame Patisserie for their customized Cakes Portfolio, so that I can post and share it here:
My Customized Turtle Cake cost $120/-.
Madame Patisserie have different price range for cakes depending on the design of Cake and material used on it. Price Range is Approx. $120 - $150/-.

200 Turf Club Road,
#01-15A The Grandstand,
Singapore 287994

Opens 10AM TO 10PM Daily


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