Photography Tips: Basic Lighting Guide!

Just Sharing some Basic knowledge about Lighting effects here.

Some people say, without a DSLR they can't produce Good Photos. Here, I'm going to show you how you can utilize the basic lights settings for the quality or effect you want. The simplest priority is Good Light for all your photos. No matter if you're using Mobile phones/Semi-pro/Mirrorless/DSLR some may be better in quality or functions.

Here's a Simple Guide to use different lighting effect for the quality you want:

Fully Natural Light is all rounder lights from an uncontrolled environment.
On this chart, it is brighter on the right.

And when you add a white paper/card on the left, it reduces shadows on the left.
Bottom two are both artificial lighting. 
Starting with one basic LED light.

Lighting Logic:
When the foreground is brighter, the background will seems darker and so there's more contrast in the photo. The One LED Light example, has very harsh shadows.

To brighten that up, we've to either add one more light or just place a reflector to bounce light.
If you want to reduce shadow slightly, a white/silver reflector will help.
If you want to eliminate more shadows, then another LED light is sufficient.
The shadow can be totally eliminate depending how many lights you add in, arrangement of the light and what are the intensity of it.

There's many ways to light the subject of your photos, it only depends what you want to get out of and knowing how to handle them. It takes years to practice with your eyes to be able to see the correct lighting and understand intensity fully. 

Start with learning Lights, and not learning equipment:
Understand why you need it first before understanding which product to use.
Because only when you know what you want/need, you will know what to find and settle down with that.

My Behind-the-Scenes (This is actually my Dark Blue Sofa)Simplicity is the key for a good and un-distractive photo.
One LED Light:
Two LED Light:
Hope you've learnt something more here. Free free to share my Blogpost. =)


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