Birdnest in Singapore: When Egg Tart met Bird's Nest = Bird's Nest Tart, Creation by KING OF NESTS

I believe as a Singaporean, we've eaten many forms of Egg Tarts before. There may be some flavored ones around, but I've never seen or hear any that contains Bird's Nest in it until recently.

Today I'm at Madame Patisserie Cafe, I'm here to capture some random pictures of the Behind-the-scene of the makings of Bird's Nests Egg Tart, also had a chat with Miss Ying Yih (Co-Founder of King of Nests) to get to know a little bit of her Bird's Nest Egg Tart creation and meaning & ideas behind these interesting Tart.

So the Behind-the-scene Pictures starts here:
While the Photos goes on, I would like to share what Miss Ying Yih and I chat about:

Miss Ying Yih told me Bird's Nest are often misunderstood by the younger generation as like it is suppose to mix with Herbal or Tonic to consume. However, accordingly to Miss Ying Yih it can be eaten in many other ways these days. She shares her recipes and collaborate with some of the local cafes/restaurant in creating this whole new way of eating Bird's Nest.

Not only did she invented Bird's Nest Egg Tart, she've also collaborate and created Bird's Nest Mooncakes with one of the Cafe at Tiong Bahru.
Miss Ying Yih's Inspirations comes from her heart to her mind. Because eating Bird's Nest is just like a common culture in her Family, it keeps them healthy and strong in many ways. It benefits her life and her families. For that reason, it is also why she wants to motivate and share with the world for having this healthy culture. Moreover, Bird's Nest doesn't just bring health to her family members, it brings happiness & bonding too. She is very much close to her dad and they've always been trying out new Bird's Nest recipes day by day at home that create that bond within both her and her dad.

In her home culture, not only could they gain health from Bird's Nest.
The Family gains a whole new level of bonds & relationship and of course a whole lot of yummy ways to eat Bird's Nest too. Bonding, Creating new recipes & Stay healthy is not just their lifestyle, it is part her Core values in her Bird's Nest Business with her Dad, also the Value and Branding in King of Nests.

You may be a little curious about Miss Ying Yih's background, she used to work in an International Accounting film as Senior Manager. She have made a choice to give up on her high paid job to come into this Bird's Nest Business to share the value of its Standings. And In additional, sharing her knowledge and health strategy in keeping one self healthy and keeping one self stronger. 
The above photo are the freshly cooked Bird's Nest from King of Nests. And Madame Patisserie Cafe is preparing for the blend of the Bird's Nest and the Egg Tarts.

I've wrote about Madame Patisserie Cafe few months back, you may read about them by clicking here.
If you would like to know more Health Benefits of Bird's Nest, you may read this Article on recent my blogpost : Top Facts & Myth to know about Bird's Nest.

If you would like to try the Affordable and Premium Bird's Nest by King of Nests, you may contact:


This is their Final Product:
Bird's Nest Egg Tart is done! 
And it's packed into a Box of 6pcs.
If you would like to order , you may order online at,
or call +65 9038 0126 for inquiries. 

Available for pre-orders now.
Original Price: $23/- for 6pcs Bird's Nest Egg Tart in a box

**PROMOTION** from King of Nests
Flash this Blogpost to purchase it at $18/- for 6pcs Bird's Nest Egg Tart in a box
Promotion ends 30 Sep 2015
Order at least 5 days in advance of collection/delivery.

Self Collection @ Madame Patisserie located at 200 Turf Club Road #01-15A, The Grandstand, Singapore 287994.
Opens daily 10am to 10pm.

(Free delivery applies for orders of above $200.
$10 delivery charge applies for orders of $200 and below.)

About King of Nests
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