Photography Tips: Composition and Framing in Photography

If you've a chance to re-frame every single Photographs of yours, how would you apply your composition rules in re-framing it?

Many photographs can be both framed in Rectangle and Squares.

Which would you choose to re-frame with, and how? Or both?

In one framing lies another few compositions, that also means in one overall image lies alot more stories to tell in the close-up / detail shots. One big picture can consist many other little stories and can be played with multiple varieties of framings which tells different stories in or of the subject of the whole picture in details. The squares and rectangle is just an example of another two images that can be created out of one wholesome image framed. There may be many more.

Square framings are usually used on Instagram. 
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These are some examples of Composition rules can be applied in a smaller image of that bigger picture:
These are my first choices of Re-framing:
What are yours? Try re-framing your photos too!

It helps you practice in looking and judging even more perspectives in any boring places. There's no limitations in spaces, only your own thoughts and imaginations limits.


♥ Thanks for reading as always!
THANK YOU AH! 谢谢! Terima Kasih! ありがとうございました!
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