Mural Painting in Singapore: Holland Village!

As some may know, I spent my 2nd day of CNY exploring Mural Arts at Holland Village of Singapore. 
It's amazing to have many hidden Mural Artwork in Singapore, it would be pity if I don't explore it. While I'm exploring, I would also love to share it here so more people can capture them nicely as part of Singapore's memories. Bring your love ones there, take some pictures! 

Here's the Holland Village's Mural Walk Trail/Guide:

The Artworks are in between alternate areas of Buona Vista MRT Station (Green & Circle line) and Holland Village MRT Station (Circle line).

If you're stopping at Holland Village MRT Station, the first stop you should visit is Block 2 of Holland Ave (next to Warner Court).Along the way at Blk 2, you'll find afew more Artworks under the same Block.

 Here's one Portrait with the Mural at Blk 2.
 After Exploration at Blk 2, you'll need to cross the road at Holland Close and you'll passby this Artifact Structure near the Playground.
A Short walk after crossing the road, will get you to Blk 8 in less than 5mins.
Once you get to see this "POP-ART GALLERY", it's obvious that you're here!

 Getting in there, gets you Bananas everywhere... 
... Barking Dogs, and lots more Patterns Drawings...
 I even brought my Toy "Mermer" with me, for some Toy Photography with these patterns.
  So Vibrant & Beautiful! 

And, ofcourse not forgetting about the Artist:

There's Artist or Artwork Description at some of the Corners of the Artwork, spot it on!

Here's more of the Artwork under Blk 8, it's just like a Splendid Artist's Gallery. Just that this one is without Aircon! Haha.

Next stop, underneath the Road Bridge of Commonwealth Ave where it used to be KTM Railway Tracks. Now has became another Spot On Grafitti Arts Location for Instagrammers!
Simply walk in from Holland Drive Market & Food Centre's Carpark to this either Slope or temporary stairs and you'll get down here. 

Once you're done with the Graffiti walls, you may slowly head back to Blk 11 Holland Ave for more Mural Arts at the corner of the building which was marked down in the map above.

Getting back to Holland Village MRT Station gets you another chance to see Adorable little kittens at the Rubbish Chute of Holland Village Market & Food Centre.

Hope you've enjoyed browsing through my Blogpost!


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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