Hello Yesterday! What Do you Remember about the Old Singapore?

What do you remember about our Old neighborhood in Singapore. Most of these old places are already long gone, because of our very own fast developing country. You may not know some of these old neighbourhood are actually still around.

By coincidence and by chance i visited Woodlands Town Center recently. It is not any far off from Singapore Custom to Johor Bahru. There are many things that makes me feel very Memorable and Nostalgic in this area. It's like a mini village of its own.

The Old School Wet / Dry Market and Dry Food stores are still around. It's really amazing to see the past culture and lasting till now.

Not only does the Traditional stores remains, the prices of our old days in Singapore remains too.
Question, Where can you buy bermuda / pants at 3 for $10 these days? Their Jeans and Hat prices are super cheap too!
 There are some things we don't really see them around us anymore but it's still selling at Woodlands Town Center. For example, some Nostalgic snacks and towels we used to use. 
 This place have a lot of random shops which is pretty much an entertainment to Girls doing their shopping and Kids sightseeing their likings. Not pricey place, it's old but is a lovely place.
 This place will no longer exist after year 2017, it will be enbloc May or June in 2017.
So get your goodies quick, and take more photos while it is still around.

Don't say never jio!!!


♥ Thanks for reading as always!
THANK YOU AH! 谢谢! Terima Kasih! ありがとうございました!
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