10 Old School Places You Never Knew Existed in Singapore

Singapore is a Country that is fast developed and soon we don't really see what we used to see at that certain road or places.

Today, I'm gonna share the TOP 10 Nostalgic Old School Spots you can take really Awesome photos at, in our Motherland, Singapore! So Go and take some pictures, before you get too busy and it's soon gone. We can't predict which one will vanish in time.

#1 : Woodlands Town Center

6A Woodlands Centre Rd
Singapore 731006

The old Woodlands Town Centre for instance is a border town for people passing through to Malaysia or Singapore. Until 1998, the Causeway was the only bridge linking the two nations and Woodlands served as a passage for those commuting or travelling overland.

On 25 June 2012, the Housing and Development Board announced that Blocks 1A to 6A Woodlands Centre Road were earmarked for the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS). Residents from the 147 flats will relocate to the new replacement flats at Woodlands Drive 70 by End of this Year. 

I heard from the shop owners, the demolish work will start around May or June in 2017. For the ones, who love to shoot memories and old buildings in Singapore. You've got half year more.

75 Carpmael Road (S429812)
Dinner:   6 to10pm , Daily  (Closed on Tuesday)
Lunch: Friday & Saturday 12pm to 3pm

It's a mini restaurant in a Shophouse that sells Signature Hainan Chicken Rice, and of course other Food in the Menu. British Hainan has this Nostalgic Home kinda feel, it's just like a Collector's home. You can see many old school items such as very old styled Piano, Radio, TV and etc here.

#3 : Wessex Estate & Cafe Colbar

9A Whitchurch Rd,
Singapore 138839

Colbar is just like a hidden little world beyond the concrete jungle along Portsdown road. The reeks of Serenity welcomes you warmly into its embrace.
 Wessex Estate is a super peaceful place with Black and White Colonial houses, surrounds with lush greenery. The blocks of walk-up 3-4 storeys apartments and semi-detached houses were built in the 40s and previously used by non-commisioned British officers and soldiers. Today, these houses are mostly residential, with afew Artists who use them as their Studio spaces.
Walking around the Estate, makes it easy to find lots of OOTDs wall and backdrop.

69 Rangoon Road,
Singapore 218381
Weekdays - 10.30am to 9pm
Weekends - 9.30am to 9pm
Bruches is an Art Deco Cafe conveniently located at 3 minute walking distance from Farrer Park MRT Station. Not only their Cafe decorations attracts Retro Lovers, they sell Antique Collectibles for Collectors to keep as well.

#5 : Kampong Lorong Buangkok

7 Lor Buangkok,
Singapore 547557

Kampong Lorong Buangkok is a village which still exist locally in Singapore. It was built in 1956, it is also the last surviving Kampong village in Singapore and in 21st Century. A wide canal ran alongside the Kampong which links to Sungei Punggol that drains into the eastern Straits of Johor.

Another term for the Kampong is "Selak Kain" in Malay.

#6 : Yung Kung Diamond HDB

64 Yung Kuang Rd
Singapore 610064

This is one of the earliest HDB developed in Taman Jurong, and it's the one and only building in Singapore that form the Shape of a Diamond, or rather a Kite.

#7 : Old Airport Road / Dakota Crescent
32 Dakota Cres
Singapore 391032
 Dakota Crescent is one of Singapore's oldest HDB. The low-rise estate was built by the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) in 1958. I heard it's gonna enbloc and demolish soon.
So before it's gone, go and take some pictures!

#8 : Geylang
1 Lor 23 Geylang,
Singapore 388352
Geylang is a place more than what it seems like. It is often thought as a place for Prostitutes in Singapore. It looks and feel similar to the old Hongkong kowloon. The cultural, lifestyle and architecture makes Geylang more than just a place to hook prostitutes because it is such an Amazing and Beautiful place. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

#9 : Tiong Bahru HUDC
Seng Poh Rd,
Singapore 168898

Tiong Bahru is a housing estate located within Bukit Merah Planning Area, in the Central Region of Singapore. Built in the 1920s, Tiong Bahru is the oldest housing estate of the city-state. It was the first project undertaken by the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT).

The main estate consists of about 30 apartment blocks with a total of over 900 units. It is conveniently located around Tiong Bahru Market. When you're walking around, look out for Murals on the Walls too! They are pretty good for OOTDs too!

Ofcourse not forgetting to mention, the Old School Letterbox still exist at Tiong Bahru Estate!

#10 : Joo Chiat
6 Koon Seng Rd,
Singapore 426956
Joo Chiat Road is an arterial road and a residential conservation area in the eastern part of Singapore, and is located between Geylang Serai and Marine Parade Road.
A large part of Joo Chiat sits with 2 storey shophouses. Some are as vibrant and colourful as the photo below:
Alot of Old styled houses and shops are still around.

  Hope these Information helps you locate all the Great Nostagic and Old School Places in Singapore and maybe you will explore further and found out greater gems within these locations, Enjoy your Exploration! =)


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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