Singapore's Largest Outdoor Party is Here!!! - Superfundae!!!

It's easy to forget that we all need to make time for fun in our lives.
Aviva Superfundae - Singapore's largest outdoor party for the family - is back on 10th June, bringing you more sunshine and happiness!

More than 30 non-stop games and activities sprawled across 22,000 sqm of open play space, await you across five thematically-designed fun zones – Circus Centre, Speedy Zone, Dream Castle, Pirate Island, and Jungle World. Sounds like fun right!?

In the world of Aviva Superfundae, experience a sugar rush like no other, as our Mega Candy Cannon fires Haribo gummies hourly (sounds so sweet already), channel your inner hero as you navigate Jungle World and complete the Ninja Quest Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course, get wet and wild at the CrayCraySpray Waterplay Area, take part in awesome (and quirky!) Family Dashes and unleash your inner Picasso! 

What’s more, every kid will receive a Superfundae goodie bag  and Medal of Achievement when you complete all challenges. (now i hope i'm still a kiddie)

Superfundae also have lots of yummy food, great entertainment throughout the day and a movie screening, under the stars. But what tops the cake is free ice cream all day long! We didn’t forget cold beer for well-deserving parents too!
A good reminder to d
isconnect from your phones and tablets to connect and spend some valuable family time! YOLO! Everyday is only one time. It’s high time to play with your kids, run around silly and create happy memories.

In our everyday rush, it’s easy to forget to have fun and how good it is to just hang loose and laugh out loud with your loved ones. It’s high time to play with your family – kids, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends - run around silly and overdose on some sunshine and happiness. After all, that’s what amazing memories are made of!

Experience play at its best via our games and activities which effortlessly fuse structured and free play. They showcase three main play elements:

  • CONNECTIVE PLAY: Through activities like Numakiki Jungle Obstacle and Craycrayspray Water Play, participants interact with one other, and enrich their communication skills and emotional well being.
  • ACTIVE PLAY: Hone psychomotor skills - and fitness levels – through fun outdoor quests and dashes such as Beer Dash and Daddy Mommy Piggyback.
  • CREATIVE PLAY: Train the right brain by getting creative and hands-on with artsy workshops. Unleash the imagination with wild, “anything goes” creations.

Aviva Superfundae is a one-of-a-kind funival where you can indulge in some unique, quirky and all-out fantastic all-day play with your family. Book before 28th March 2017 to enjoy ONE-for-ONE Tickets at $19.90/- only!!


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