5 Old School Shops in Beauty World Center You Should Visit!

For those who grow up in the West of Singapore during the 70s to 90s, probably remembered their visitation to one of the three Beauty World buildings at Bukit Timah. It has the vibrant, busy shopping centre / market as well as a Hot Spot places for our Parents to sit down for a coffee with their friends. The mall used to consist almost every kind of shop, from homewares to cosmetics and fashionables. Many of them were shifted out, however some shops still remained over 20years.

1: Old School Children Toy Shop
Happy Baby #02-28
People who were born right into an age of high-tech gadgets and social media, the typical Singaporean Generation Y childhood has much less complicated Toys and Technology to play with. They would probably never know how the 70s or 80s play during their childhood or how their Toys would have looked like. 
Kids in the 70s to 90s probably would remember the tinny rides they have sat on. And here, in Beauty World Centre have all of it till now for your Kids or future kids to experience your childhood!

2: Old School Haircut Shop
Ixora Beauty, Hair and Trading #02-03

(and the one next to it)
Where can you find a $5 or $6 haircut in Singapore? The Answer is right here.

3: Old School Children's Outfit Shop
SUNDAY 2000 #03-K11/K12

You may find some Old School Children's Outfit Shop around your neighbourhood but this one here will definitely be much affordable.

2: Old School Travel Essential Shop

And again, where can you find a Travel Luggage below the price of $30?
They've as cheap as $22! Oh my Gawrrr!
A larger version of the luggage can be found at $29 in the same shop.

1: Old School Book Store

Just like some of the Book stores at Bras Basah complex, it has this deep nostalgic feeling in the shop. 
Unlike most of the Book store, either customer buy or rent the books. 

This Book store at Beauty World centre allow you to buy their books and sell back to their book store. Sound so worthy isn't it?

Nearest MRT Station: DT5 Beauty World Station 

Exit A / B: 

1) Bukit Timah Shopping Centre 

2) Beauty World Centre 

3) Bukit Timah Plaza 

4) Cheong Chin Nam Road food outlets.

5) Lorong Kilat

Exit C:

6) Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre.

7) Toh Yi Estate Coffeeshops 

8) Eng Kong Terrace

Buildings in this areas are built in consecutive years in the 1980s, Beauty World Plaza (1982), Beauty World Shopping Centre (1983) and Beauty World Centre (1984) each of them carries their own distinctive architectural design, providing visitors with unique sense of space while they go about their weekly activities.

Beauty World Centre Address:
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road

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