Sungei Road Thieves Market (Singapore) - Last Day 10th July 2017

It's official that oldest flea market in Singapore, Sungei Road will be closed on 10th July 2017, after eight decades of existence. Another word term for this flea market is known as “Thieves Market”, because as heard stolen items were reportedly sold here. The Sungei Road Market will be closed and make way for new residential and commercial developments. 

In fact, the market was down sized by half since year 2011 due to the construction of Jalan Besar & Sungei Road MRT Station. 

It is a place popular with Tourist, foreign workers and low income locals especially on the weekends. 
For people who doesn’t know the existence of Thieves market, you must have been wondered what does this place sells? It offers a wide range of preloved / 2nd hand household items, jewellery to electronic items. 
My favourite part is sometimes we get to buy old school aka vintage items from the stalls. Eg. Old camera, old radio, old musical instruments. Last but not least, old currency and other collectibles that is no longer sold in the market or sold at high prices at other places.
Best part about this place is Singapore government didn’t really rent them the space. It is the only place in Singapore that you can sell legally without paying rental because it’s rent-free (as told by one or two stall vendors in Sungei Road Market).  This place is good for bargain hunters, for those who enjoy bargaining when shopping. 
The Peddlers are mainly low-income, blue-collar, retrenched or retired workers in their 50s and 60s. It also used to be a market for ex-convict who can’t find a job to earn a living here. (My childhood’s friend father was one of them) So in fact, this place was part of my childhood memories and of course I hope it could stay.
Many people hope authorities would help retain this street market. Although it’s isn’t possible to not build the new upcoming residential and commercial developments but many hope that the Thieves market could move to another new location. You may do a part to support this idea, by going down to Sungei Road Market to Sign on this table to support!
Moreover, go and take some photos before they’re (maybe) gone in our lifetime.

Thieves Market @ Sungei Road
Open Daily from 1-7pm
(Weekends has more stalls open)
“Located between Jalan Besar and Rochor Canal Road (behind Sim Lim Tower), the flea market at Sungei Road is Singapore’s largest and oldest flea market. While the exact origin of the flea market remains unclear, historical records have shown that the flea market began as a small trading spot that sprouted along the river during the mid-1930s.”


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