Interview with Food & Travel Blogger Miera from KL Malaysia,

Hello Everybody, it's always great to know somebody's else life and had them to share with you alot more experiences in their life.

This week we have Blogger Miera (from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) with us, who owns  (Lifestyle blog) and (Food/Travel blog). It's amazing to know she have 70-120k views per month on her blog. She have a vast experience in Blogging and frequently blogs. Let's scroll down the interview below and learn her experiences:

1 - Tell Us something about yourself and your Blog for a start:

Hi... I am Miera Nadhirah and I am a mom of 3 grown kids.. I am in my
early 40s, but still young at heart.. I run two blogs, , which is a lifestyle blog and
which is more of travel and food... I also write for about
sometimes which is a blog run by tourism KL and also the Gaya Travel
magazine team... I love reading, watching Korean and Chinese dramas.

2 - How did you started doing Blogging?
I started blogging just for the fun of it, sharing my photos and
stories... but eventually took it further as it was something I enjoy
and was passionate about since it was once my ambition to be a
reporter... but things did not get that far since my mom did not have
the funds to send me for further studies..

3 - How long have you been writing Blogs and what are the challenges faced?
I have been writing blogs for more then 3 years .... and beyond... but
more seriously for about 3 years.... challenges is probably when I had
to learn everything myself to get where I am, and meeting selfish
people along the way who just want to make use of you... or treat you
with a double standard.

4 - What are your future goals in Blogging aspect?
I hope to be able to travel more and improve myself in travel blogging
as it is my passion...and perhaps be more successful...

5 - Which is the topic you like to Blog most in your two Blogs?
I love to blog about travel most... naturally...

6 -  Okay to end off, what are some of the tips you will advise the
future upcoming Bloggers and Social Influencer?
Hmmm tips to advise,.. that should be life is a continuous learning
process, and well sharing is caring... and always be humble and
kind... hahaha.. I sound like Cinderella's mom now... hahaha.

Blogger Miera also shared with me and also to our fellow Bloggers friend, sharing out blogposts through pinterest, google plus, twitter, facebook group pages and well ping it out on can help getting more viewer rates on her blog. Thankfully, Miera has a big heart to share her thoughts and knowledge on the Blogging aspect.

Hope you've enjoyed browsing through my Blogpost!

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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