10 Essential Tips For Amazing Mobile Phone Photography

Share with me your struggle when trying to get good shots out of your Mobile Phones! 
But before that, read and try all these Tips! 

I believe many subject shooting in low light and keep at a low noise level can be quite challenging, using the right intensive of lights and correct angle can get you a better quality photos. (Don't be afraid to try and take more angle shots!)
In this tutorial you’ll discover 10 essential tips that will transform your mobile phone photography
into a different level. Watch your surroundings and start trying! 

1. Allow yourself to take sharp and professional-looking with just a mobile phone. 
Make sure your hand is at a comfortable position and make sure both your phone and hand doesn't shake too much when you move to click the button. Right before you click the "take the photo" button, be sure that your subject is well-focused. (Tab on your screen to make sure it's focus cleared)

2. Photo Composition is the Key. What is photo composition?
Composition is a key aspect of a good work of art, no matter is visual or other form of arts. A good composition is one that has just enough details, too few elements in photos may be just as bad or meaningless. Good composition robs attention from our eyes to psychological. And too many elements can be distracting as well. Good composition does need quite a balance of details, it is the idea of how you create the story in your photographs. 

3. Make use of Lights and Shadows surrounds you.
A good balance of lights helps in giving the best quality in your photographs. Shadows sometimes makes us imagine creatively and illusionates our photos. Good use of shadow, can create a different perception in our photos. 

4. Try doing a Frame-in-frame shot.
In visual arts, framing can make an image more aesthetically pleasing and keep the vewier's focus on the framed subject. Frame  within frame shots is also archived by understanding the importance of the Z-axis when composing your photos. 

5. Look Up, Look Down. 
Yes, not just the common left and right. Sometimes there's beauty above and below of us. Such as this beautiful sky window shadows that shines on the ground. 
 As well as a beautiful level of curves upstairs... Some may put an aeroplane in the middle, but i prefer raisins.

6. Sometimes, Place your subject in the middle. Sometimes, on the quarter of the frame.
Framing your subject at the quarter of the photos is commonly called as Rule of Thirds. Otherwise, framing your subject in the middle can be called Symmetrical or Asymmetrical. 
This two method of framing your photos, applies and align a subject with "imaginary" guidelines and intersection points which place the horizon on the top or bottom line, allowing linear features in the image to flow from section to section. Rule of thirds is an essential photography technique which helps us improves the balance of our images. Same goes to Symmetry and Asymmetry method.

7. Lend a Hand.

Sometimes, lend a hand or lend a feet helps in our photographs. Kick away the boring one lonely subject in your framing. Not so distracting and not too plain, adding some human features in.

8. Two is Better than One.

We've seen many lonely trees, lonely food, lonely humans photos. Sometimes, we need patterns of the same to play along. Makes it less lonely and boring. Two, sometimes is better than One.

9. Create Shapes in your framing. 
Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Circles, sometimes can easily be found in our photos if we observe. Line is a bonus. Frame them in! They would make your photos much splendid!

10. Shoot some Patterns within your subject. 

This is definitely not the best picture to describe top number 10 tips but it's just something that can easily be found in our homes. Anything patterns are possible.
Patterns are simply repeated shapes ordered in usually regular but sometimes can be irregular formation. Using Patterns is also a key to getting good composition shots, use it effectively and it can transform bland image into dramatic something!

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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