Photography Tips: Basic Photo-Styling For Bloggers!

Happy Weekend Everyone! 

I'm sharing with you some general basic photo-styling for your Photos. These tips can be applied for both beginner and professionals, something for everyone! Let's get started with the Tips & Tricks!
I will use some of these pictures taken as a guide for you today.
Generally, when we take photos of anything (focus in one or two only). In this case, I've the mini food menu showing the Cafe Brand as well as their cute bee plush toy. It's considered two! If you have noticed, there's a few things we can improve from here. 

ONE - There are two Distraction in the background.
(Remove things on the surrounding if it's possible to move)
The third distraction is the wall panel which can't be remove, but photo can always be re-framed (unless space constrained)

TWO - The bee plush toy wasn't straight on on it's frontal profile. 
In this improved photo, I've moved a few things.

ONE - The two main distraction the background are now gone.

TWO - The bee plush toy is slightly straighter facing the camera.
(This is actually optional, up to your own style) 
THREE - The distance from the subject to edge of image was changed too.
Leaving the Subject in the center of attraction in the image.
Other than the above examples, these are few more tips you can apply when you shoot photos:

1 - Minimizing shadow or use it as part of your Photo "design" 
(prevent it from darkening or covering your main subject)

2 - Remove all distractions from surroundings 
(includes tiny dirts: things that are not obvious to the eyes, sometimes can be obvious in pictures)
3 - Mix and match the Good Colours together!
(Some photos are more appealing to the eyes because of colours)
Complimentary colours usually works well with photos, opposite colours from the colour wheel.

4 - When framing photos composition, try framing the photo's edge line following the environment vertical & horizontal line as much as possible.

5 - Use "Rule of the Third" framing rule. Usually works well with majority of the subject.

6 - Find a Simple or Pattern Background
(a good backdrop can make your photo changed dramatically)
Last but not least, review and make some minor arrangement digitally before publish online!


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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