Foot Reflexology in Singapore: Samsara Wellness [GIVEAWAYS]

Our feet do a lot for us. They carry us around all day, bear the brunt of our countless walks & activities as well as our restrictive shoes. Despite all that, they are usually sorely neglected. A healing foot massage is one of the best way that we can treat our feet while benefiting our whole body.

Reflexology involves applying pressure to our feet in order to affect a physical change in our body. Placement of the pressure is based on a complex system of zones and reflex areas that correspond to other parts of our body. Both simple foot massage and reflexology can offer a surprising number of health benefits including Stress Relief, Better Sleep, Improve blood circulation, decrease headaches, migranes & anxiety. It is also a natural pain reliever.

Sometime just by a simple few press, it can cure sinus infections too.

I learnt about the benefits of foot massage & reflexology a few years ago, when my muscles are really tends and stress makes it worst. I hope the above health benefits mentioned would help all of you to understand a little bit more about it too.

Last week, i visited Samsara Wellness and had both Feet and Full body massage. 
Compare to the common Reflexology place I've visited, the Ambient of Samara Wellness makes me feel really calm and relaxing. The staff were very thoughtful & professional.
My package came with 3 towels, just nice for a person who avoid being too cold.
It covers me well. Haha. 

Comfortably before the massage start, I was given with a heated pack of neck rest, I was given a choice of two different hot pack: Seasalt & Argy Wormwood Herbal Leaf (艾草, AiCao) neck rest.

(Selfie with my Neck rest here)
Argy Wormwood Leaf is commonly use for getting rid of coldness and have a natural fragrance.
Seasalt usually helps removing dead skin and exfoliate our skin and has no fragrance or obvious smell.
I have a choice of four massage oil:
- Olive (for dry skin)
- Lavender (calm & relaxing)
- Ginger (good for blood circulation)
- Rose (for frangrance lover)

Samsara also serve daily teas for every of their customers. It's really nice, especially for a tea lover just like me. Enjoying massage with tea is like heaven to me. 

Each and everyday they serve different teas, so let's have some surprises.
The usual random teas they serve:
- Rose - Antidepressant
- Jasmine - Reduce Stress & Stronger immune system
- Barley - High Fiber & Antioxidant
- Osmanthus - Detoxify
- Wolfberries (also known as Goji berries) - Antioxidant

I've also added some of the benefits of the tea above in Italic fonts. 

Other than the free flow tea, I've got Watermelon and a Face towel in the set!
This is a photo of me and Jess sitting on the comfortable massage chair in Samsara! We've got Free Wifi to use during our entire massage session!
We especially love the atmosphere of the place. 
Stress-free environment, relaxation, luxury for a few hours. 
We had our body massage without taking off our clothes, fast and convenient.





173 Joo Chiat Rd, Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427444
(Inbetween Paya Lebar & Eunos MRT Station)
Opening Hours
Daily 1pm to 1am

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Before I end, here's Foot Reflexology Chart for your knowledge.


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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