KARMART Cathy Doll Beauty Products

A month backed, I was invited to Karmart Blogger Party which held at Fish Tales Cafe of Scape!
It's an Event for bloggers & influencers to try out some of the Beauty products by Karmart's Cathy Doll as well as announcing their Winners for Karmart Asian Beauty Blogger Contest for year 2017!
 You may have wondered and want to get to know more about Karmart & Cathy Doll?
Cathy Doll is an unique and outstanding brand which expresses the daring aspect of femininity. A leader of trendsetting innovation, along with its colourful charm and fashionable packaging, Cathy Doll is well-suited for dreamy girls who pursue sweet avant-garde look. As KARMARTS's largest and leading house brand, Cathy Doll offers a wide range of product choices as follows: Facial Care, Body Care, Hair Care, Makeup, Intimate Care, Nail Products and Beauty Accessories. 
You may also check out some of the ChioBu (pretty girls) influencer's product review for Karmart & Cathy Doll on Youtube here:

Emily Quak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGqu6whNsuM

Many ChioBu & Popular influencers & bloggers also attended this event.

We not only got to try the samples but also got to see Professional Make-up Artist utilize the Beauty Products! It's one of the programme in the event!
Karmart #UniqueBeautySolution is working towards the vision of becoming a leading cosmetic brand that fulfills all beauty needs of modern females, KARMART is constantly driven to invent unique and outstanding products to meet needs of various target markets and be the ultimate provider of "Unique Beauty Solution" to all. KARMART has a vast collection of more than 2,000 beauty products from our house brands namely Cathy Doll, Cathy Choo, Baby Bright, Jejuvita, Reunrom and Crayon. With production lines well established in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Italy, KARMART endeavours to bring to customers the best the beauty industry can ever offer, and at the most reasonable prices affordable to consumers from all walks of life.  
With the vision of becoming one of the leading branded beauty providers to everyone worldwide, KARMART has won over not only Thailand consumers but also conquered a total of 10 other Asian markets to date, including Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Indonesia, China and more. 
Well, Karmart's Products are not really just for women. Infact it's for everyone who wants to look good!

Kazue (the guy in the video) was at this Event too!
Have you seen Gel Makeup Sponge before?

If no, prepare to never waste any makeup again.
3 simple reason why you should upgrade your current makeup sponge to this Gel Sponge:

(1) Gel Sponge won't absorb your foundation 
(and ofcourse won't waste it stucked in the sponge)

(2) It is washable!

(3) This nice looking makeup sponge is a better beauty blender!

Last but not least, I've tried Cathy Doll's NUDE ME Liquid Lip Matte.
I think this is good for people who hates sticky / oily lipstick, it dries super fast and I don't feel anything at all on my lip. Eating has no issue too.
Shop Locations for KARMART products are available for sale online at our official web store at:

Cathy Doll products are also available at BHG stores in the ALT section.
For BHG store locations, you may visit http://www.bhgsingapore.com.sg/store-information-2/ 

Get exclusive discount codes & win exciting prizes when you participate in Karmart's monthly giveaways and like Karmarts Facebook page at www.facebook.com/karmartsclub.singapore 

You may also follow them on Instagram here:

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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