CLOSED: Blue Table - Online Japanese Grocery Delivery!

Yesterday I was invited to Blue Table Afternoon Tea Party!
Yep! It is a Party to eat and try Japan Food by Blue Table.
These are some of the Food & Drinks I got to tried!
 Apparently, the juice is running out fast, I don't get to drink some.
It's pretty Popular in this Party!
I've never been to japan, so I've tried some of the Snacks i never tasted before.
Such as this, there's Dried young sardines snack & the ones with shrimp.
I personally preferred the one with the shrimps.
 This is one of my favourite snacks as well, I think this snack is quite commonly found in Supermarts in a smaller packaging usually.
 I can't take my eyes off these cute tea bags...
Just wondering if it tastes nice, I've got myself a sample to try.
(Will blog about it on Foodwanderers blog soon)
 The Food served at the Party was super generous.
We get to eat the entire Strawberry, Matcha & Redbean cake ball that looks super Photogenic!
And of course, even the non-photogenic food tasted nice and Awesome. 
 Here's Influencer Kaela & I enjoying our Food at the Afternoon Tea Party!
 And by the way, Blue Table is located at Outram and it's not a Cafe.
The reason why they have so much goody food is that they provide home delivery for purchase of Japanese Groceries & Snacks. It's an online Japan Supermart! Sounds awesome right?

What's greater is you can key in this Promo code to get delivery at no charge. Yes, means it's FREE Delivery! (Promo code: BTPFFS71) With this promo code, you'll get $10 OFF your purchase too!

What other benefits you can get if you sign up for membership on Blue Table e-shop.
You simply get $20 OFF for your first purchase!

So in just short 5mins of registration and with my promo code, you've got $30 OFF.
Sounds so Awesome! I'm so going for it, myself.
I think Blue Table is not only good for daily lifestyle food products but also parties supplies. 
They sell plenty of snacks and it's super delicious!

Here's Review for their Namida no Waresen Mixed Rice Crackers.

More Reviews are coming soon too!

One of the hot-seller at the Party: Apple Juice!
 Last but not least, I would have bought the fruits if I'm not going out that day.
But it's ok, I've FREE delivery too! (Use that Promo code)
 The fruits are super nice.

Everybody knows Japan fruits are nice and usually very pricey in high-end supermarts.
But I think the price here is reasonable enough to get us another good party at home!
(As you can see, the fruit samples are snatched fast! Haha)

Go redeem your $30 OFF soon!
(T&C: Minimum purchase of $80 items, expires 31st August 2017)


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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