Adobe Make It: Creative Influencers Meetup

In the mid of September, I was invited to my first ever Influencer meetup.
I don't really call myself Influencer, but it feels good to be invited. Partly also I'm a fan of Adobe.

This Event is yearly organised by Adobe in Singapore and likewise internationally.
The intention of the event is to network, get-to-know, and sharing. Pretty Awesome!
This round it was held at Group Therapy Cafe along Duxton Road.
In fact, I've always wanted to learn some other software by Adobe such as Illustrator but really noob at it. As of now, I'm only using Adobe Bridge, Photoshop & Lightroom regularly and still picking up Premiere Pro. This Event was a good refresher and sneak preview for some other software by Adobe which I've never seen or heard before.
On this Event day, I've also learnt some Tips & Tricks in different Adobe software shared by Paul Burnett, Principal Evangelist for Creative Cloud in Asia Pacific. There were also many other influencers, bloggers, photographers, videographers, designers attended this event.
It's a clue that I should start learning forward in Adobe software, so hopefully, I can create more beautiful content here on my blog!

Thanks Adobe & Text100 SG for inviting!

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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