Pinterest: An Hour a Day

Some may know, I've started my Pinterest account a few month back. I am always noob about Pinterest and heard a lot of things about it but never really try it until a few month back. In fact, it is less than an hour a day just to explore what the World is sharing on Pinterest. 

A few things Pinterest makes me realized:

- What I love

- What I hope to do more

- What I'm up to at this stage of my life

- What Inspirations I really need

Pinterest is an also a very good platform to find Tips & Info-graphy. 

Let me also share with you, what commonly people use Pinterest for:

#1 Getting Inspirations

Usually, the Art people fall under this category. The people who always been creating shares their artwork and always interested to look for more other interesting of the same source. Inspirations can be of different forms, it could be visual arts or it could be life's quotes too. In fact, if you search the word "inspiration" on Pinterest it may also show you some tips on how to find Inspirations & etc.

#2 Marketing their Business / Blogs

Pinterest is a very visual platform and it's good for us, human. Because we're usually much attracted to pictures than text. A lot of Business / Bloggers would add their direct link to their website/blogpost right in the description of the picture pinned. It helps bring your Pinterest audience, and backlink to your websites.

#3 Refine Personal Style
Your Pinterest boards can be overall updates on what current style you're going. In a whole, it is like a mood board that shows you what you've pinned. It's so much more than just collection buckets for your latest inspirations. In fact, a Pinterest board has all the qualities of great style. It's super visual and allows you to not only collect but also organize and process a ton of inspiration in a short amount of time and what's best is it's a free social media tool! 

#4 Find Cooking RecipesNowadays, other than Google & Facebook search. There's Pinterest where it's much more visual to find Recipes of what you'll want to cook for the day! There's definitely a lot to choose from!

Start a Pinterest! Pin what you love now!
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Thanks for Reading! 
And Enjoy Pinterest-ing!


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THANK YOU AH! 谢谢! Terima Kasih! ありがとうございました!

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