How I Keep My Bleached Coloured Hair Smooth & Shiny!!!

In the month of January2017, I tried a wild color to my hair. It's bright pink and blue, I thought it could barely last for a month or two. But of course, I will still put in the effort to make sure it last as long as possible and not fade away uglily. On the first day of my hair dye, I bought Redken Colour Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner. It was a recommendation from a shop, so I just bought it to try since I've heard about Redken from a few friends too.
The first day of the hair dye, Although my salon said they uses natural fruit chemical for the dye... my hair still looks kind of frizzy and dry after all the multiple times bleaching and colouring steps.
So my daily wash is using Redken Colour Extend Magnetics Shampoo and applying the conditioner has become part of my daily routine. Additionally, to make sure it is smooth and nice for the entire day. I apply Schwarzkopf Colour Freeze Stay-on Conditioner Spray every morning before I go to work.
These procedure has lasted me for about a week before I started using Dove Nourishing Oil Care Anti-Frizz Serum every single time before I apply Schwarzkopf Conditioner Spray. Some of the days, I applied after my daily hair wash too.
Having smooth and not frizzy hair makes me have better confident meeting & catching up with people. I'm really glad I've such a pleasant experience in taking care of my hair.
When my hair colors start fading off and new black hair grew, I didn't re-dye but instead I went back to the salon to make it into a different new hairstyle. It may not look perfect, but at least it's not frizzily ugly. So my pink blue hair lasted me for about 9 months till now, and with different haircuts and style throughout all these months.
Because of the long-lasting result, it gives me a lot of chances to play with different styles matching different Outfit of the day too! Makes my life, or rather looks less boring and interesting at this period of time. Here's my favorite hairstyle of all time:

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