Rang Hill @ Phuket Town Thailand!

I went Phuket Thailand in Mid-September this year, I was so caught up with so many things. Couldn't find enough time to sit down to share it on my Blog. So here it goes now:
Don't say Bo Jio, it's my second time to Phuket. However, it's my first time at Rang Hill.
If you're looking for a leafy-green alternative than the beach, Rang Hill is one of the good hills you may consider. It has this super romantic atmosphere, and having my Dinner here cures all my stress, just laid back and relax.
Nonetheless, the one and only Restaurant on the Hill top named Tunk Ka Cafe is also part of the tourist attraction so you got to bring enough cash to have enough for your meal. It cost almost the same as standard Singapore's restaurant pricing.
This is definitely a good place to date, as well as propose... if you already have plans to do so in Phuket, can consider this place.
There are many poor maintain doggies around. When I look at them, I just felt a little sad.

View Video here:


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