Chatuchak vs Ratchada Night Market in Bangkok!

Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the most heard attractions in Bangkok, as well as a good location to go shopping for many. 
The area is best known for the largest night market in Asia, which covers 27 acres

Many regular travellers to Bangkok would travel to Chatuchak and go high on Shopping.
Public transport is good in Bangkok, me and my friends took the MRT to Chatuchak Park and walked from the park to the market. The local actually picnic in Chatuchak Park and some local past time is feeding the squirrel in the Park. I had this opportunity to feed the Squirrel with one of the local too besides just doing shopping at Chatuchak Market.
There are many different vendors at Chatuchak Market, Range from traditional Bangkok Food stalls to the modern and Artistic ones.
 As well as there are stalls that sell many Fashionables, Funky Soaps, Daily essential that are creatively designed, books and handicraft & etc.

Last but not least, I heard there are Pets Accessories. It was a pity that I couldn't squeeze through the crowd to the Pet Area. Sadly, I didn't buy anything for my pet.

If you're a first-time traveller to Bangkok, just as I do. I would recommend you to Chatuchak to experience the culture for the first time. However, the pricing in here is too commercialize so definitely not a good place for all your souvenirs. Some stalls are reasonable in price, some stalls are able to bargain but not all. 
Also, although it only happens one in a million. But please watch your safety, not only pickpockets but also watch your surroundings. Unlike Singapore, everything has to follow rules or certain standards in terms of structure or how stall vendors display their items. Unfortunately for me, I am one of the million who hit by falling structures and display. It just left a scratch on my right eye and luckily still able to stand up and get back up to shopping. So please be careful yea!
Overwhelming for the local, Ratchada Train Night Market is night market with seriously "Real food"of Bangkok. It is also a place that is absolutely good for Seafood lover as well as tourist who wants to try insect food such as cockroaches fried snacks.
 There are many vendors which sells Seafood BBQ platter set such as this one at Paomaemloire.
We had this set for four pax, and it is quite filling. We stuffed ourselves with some other food along the way to this stall. There are just too many choices, so spoiled so shiok!
My favourite part in Ratchada is I got to taste really fresh and delicious Giant cockles, I'm backed now about 2 months but I'm still missing it right now. And because I'm super in love with eating Cockles!
Other than the whole lots of good food, they are some other that let's you have fun with food. Just like this one:
 Right next to the Food stalls, there are live bands, pubs and places you can chill and drink.
 I feel the real and less commercialize Night Market is Ratchada and not Chatuchak.
 I enjoyed Ratchada more than anywhere in Bangkok!
 It's for Everybody, the local, the tourist, the fashionista, the eater, the drinker, and everyone else.

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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