Best of Bangkok: Cheap vs Expensive!

I think our Apartment for the trip is super cheap, a huge room space in a boutique concept hotel only cost us about $35 per night. We have one Double bed, one huge Sofa which became my bed and also a spacious bathroom. (you can view the sneak preview of the hotel in my video below)
Preferred public transportation would be the BTS & MRT. Pretty much like Singapore, the transport is very well developed and under controlled. However, there will be many people. Try to travel during non-peak hours. Don't drive or take taxis in the city, although it is still incredibly reasonable for taxi prices in Bangkok. Traffic is really bad, you may have just wasted half of your day in traffic jams. Some say time is money.

As for shopping & eating, if you want to hunt for cheap goodies stick to the markets. Chatuchak is definitely not one of the markets I'm talking about it is far too touristic. Some prices at Chatuchak are too overpriced but people still buy because of experience. It's a "Meh" for me after the first time there. It's always a good experience to have much first time, and yeah I'm gonna leave it as just a first time experience and won't go back again.
Chinatown of Bangkok is a good place to have both Food and Shopping, anything that is in Chinatown are made to sell for especially local. Although minority stalls still attract tourist, I've gotten some good tips from a Thailand local friend. Don't shop around Chinatown, shop in the back alley and you can get the local pricing.
These street food are definitely worth for a try! It's reasonably cheap too.
My favourite part about Chinatown is this:
You can buy Souvenirs in bulk, and it's still reasonable in pricing. However, I was late because I visited Chatuchak first and bought the majority of my Souvenirs there and it cost 4x more expensive than Chinatown. Pretty upset yeah, I've learnt my lesson. Cannot be Kiasu!
There are some Quirky and interesting items around too, just like the above image "Fishy Slippers".
And, here's a packed of Pokemon collection. I used to have that but threw all away when I grow up sadly. It's tempting to see it here.
There are also many Sanrio or Disney cartoons handmade or confectionery items for sale at Chinatown which makes it insta-worthy too.

If you are not the type who shops in the market, probably the shopping centres in Bangkok would attract you more. Siam Discovery is one of the many shopping mall in Bangkok.
It is a modern shopping centre which made up of very bright and futuristic architectural design, both on the inside and the outside. 

There are many High-end shops and vendors in the mall, definitely, things are not cheap here and can be seriously expensive. However, you pay for the quality you get. There are branded goods as well as artistic design fashionables in Siam Discovery.

Here's me at the mall! Selfie!

Food in the mall, especially the Food Court is expensive and is less worth to eat and experience Bangkok. However, there are some good restaurants around which are not as cheap too.
Other than in the mall, some malls have Fairs in or outside of the mall. That's also where you can get mid-prices goodies and food. Worth or not, it's up to you to decide!

My Trip Video here:


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