Top 6 Strategy to Sell More on Carousell!

When it comes to selling or buying secondhand items, Singaporean will usually open Carousell app and start scrolling in it. This second-hand Marketplace makes our lives much easier especially with the thing we bought and didn't use it for a long time. Now with have the other choice to sell it, than keeping it idle and useless when it's still in good condition and worth some money. 

The most popular products are in the fashion, beauty and technologies categories. There are also collectors buying and selling activities in it. Here are Top 6 Strategy to Sell More on Carousell!

(1) Use Carousell Category Filters

Having consideration for the filters in Carousell, such as Popular, Recent, Lowest Price, Highest Price, Location.

Popular filter
From what I observe, the last likes will goes up to the top of certain selling categories. However, not all... some categories filter it with more DM (direct message to inbox) or likes on the post.

Recent filter
If you keep your account updated every 1-3days, it will definitely help your account grow not only customers but followers too. Tips for you, post during Peak hours or PH helps because there will be more users around finding something to buy.

Lowest Price
I think Carousell is pretty famous for "Cheap and Good" items although some are not exactly new. People love it because it's like the best online platform to bargain. So definitely, cheap cheap prices help to get your sales in!

Highest Price
Unlike "Lowest Price", this is rarely touched unless people are willing to explore for better qualities. Some seller does it a different way, eg. put $9999999999999999999999999 to get to the top of "Highest Price" filter.

Location filter is a good filter on Carousell if you do meetups! It will help the Search engine on Carousell to find your listing by Locations.

My Top 3 Recommended Category Filters are Popular, Recent and Location.

(2) Well taken and Insta-worthy photos matter!
Some say lah: A Picture speaks a thousand words. And Lousy pictures lost thousands of words too. Nice looking photos and photos that show maximum details are recommended. Take beautiful photos of your item, as much as possible make your backdrop less clutter up so your buyers can see the item much clearly and without distraction. Simple, clean and neat photos stand out in the crowd too! You may get featured too!

(3) Have Followers
It's either you have already been in Carousell for years and collected your own "Fans" or just starting to do it now. Tips for you to grow followers on Carousell, Share on your Social Media Pages or even better print it on your name card if you're running it as your e-commerce business on Carousell.

(4) Be Recommended Seller
Follow Carousell Community Guidelines is the first thing you must do to keep your account well-reputated. Secondly, you can also take part in Carousell’s campaigns such as “Black Friday" sales where it can help you get buyers on a huge surge of user activity during these periods. Sellers have the opportunity to move many more items, and buyers get to score great deals.

(5) Title & Description is the Key
Be Specific. Tips, some of the details you can state: Brand, Preloved or New, Colour, Size.
This is a great opportunity to use your descriptions to your advantage.

(6) Collect Feedbacks & Have Good Reviews
Abide by community guidelines, be friendly & nice... be it if you are a buyer or a seller. Exchange reviews at the end of the purchase. Honesty Is The Best Policy.

Although there will be Carouhellers, but just be nice to people even if they are just there to give everyone a bad feedback. Just be nice. Carousell have their own QC team that will watch over the app everyday and ban the ones that are not suppose to be there.

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If you need some help kickstarting your Carousell profile, you may also chat your doubts in Petalbytes Forum, click here.

As well as there some Facebook Groups that can get more exposure for your account, Post what you are selling here:

Bedok / Tampines / Pasir Ris Carousell Meetups
Kallang / Aljunied / Paya Lebar Carousell Meetups
Tanjong Pagar / City Hall / Bugis Carousell Meetups
Bukit Batok / Bukit Gombak Carousell Meetups

Many Aunties and Uncle also find it hard to communicate with the youngster on Carousell, so here's something you can help your parents with, Common Carousell Terms:

Auth/Authentic = Original
BNWT = Brand New With  Tags
BNIB = Brand New In Box
BN = Brand New
Can Nego? = Can Cheaper?
No Low ballers =  No Bargain
No Trades = Don't exchange item, pay for it if you want
Pre-loved = Secondhand
Pending = Item reserved for somebody else who has not pay


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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