10 Essential Things to bring for your next Travelling Photography Trip!

When you’ve booked a Photography trip of your dream, you won’t want to miss any good moments nor scenaries. It might seem challenging capturing all the things you want during travel trips, but it is actually much easier than you think. Here are some "What to bring along" essential to make sure your upcoming Photo trip a smoother one. These items are not too bulky and inexpensive. Bookmark this list for reference before your next trip!

First thing first, 

1) You'll need a Tough shoe to carry yourself as well as your belongings. Picking the correct travel shoes is one of the most important and most difficult part of preparing your luggage. Please don't wear anything that is not easy to balance, such as heels.

2) Camera Strap is extremely important. Things like bags and filters even have more attention than camera straps, people usually forget that a camera strap is very important because it keeps our cameras safe when our hands cannot. For example, when I'm riding on the Camel my hands need to hold the bar to balance myself and my Strap is doing the job holding it tight.

3) Bring a Tough camera bag that suits your needs. Once you're invested in your photography gear, next you're going to want to know that you're transporting it around safely and maybe "in style". Choosing a camera bag that perfectly suits your needs is definitely a difficult task. Choose what you need for the current set of equipment you have. The truth is, there is no perfect bag and most photographers end up with several, which they’ll use for different occasions. (Recommended Brand: Crumpler)

4) Tripod for Selfies and Night shots. If you’re serious about taking some quality photos on your next trip, I strongly advise bringing a tripod when traveling. Whether it’s to get a "long exposure" or high dynamic range (HDR) photos, or even just a sharp and in focus image in dim lights environment, a Tripod is an essential. There are many tripods out there these days that are great for traveling; they are small, lightweight, and are very compact. My only choice is Manfrotto tripods, tough, good and not too heavy for some smaller models. (Recommended Brand: Manfrotto)

5) Bring the Right lens. This goes back to the question, what do you shoot? Bring your favourite lenses that match what you shoot.

6) Don't forget about the Battery! ... and the extra Batteries.
In some temperature in the cold, our Battery drains faster than normal. It's always good to bring afew more, just in case of Battery failure. *Touch wood*

7) Make sure you bring empty Memory cardsI believe you won't want to be stuck with choice, whether to delete the previous batch of photos that have not been uploaded or not taking any shot during your upcoming travel trip. It's always good to double and triple check if your memory cards are emptied or formatted before you go on your next trip.

8) Bring along Poncho for yourself and your camera. If you've never heard of, there's actually raincoat made for Cameras. Time to Google, and literally let the cat out of the bag.

9) Bring a Torchlight wherever you go, no matter if you have a mobile phone. There are so many functions on your mobile phone, there would be too many reasons you'll run out of battery. In emergency circumstances especially in the dark, torchlight will always be our best friend in our trips. However, it helps us not only when it comes to emergency situation but also in our photos. You'll never know when you will need to paint the light on the area you would like to focus in your photo in dark areas.

10) Bring your Sunshades. Why did I not mentioned about ND and GND filters? Because there's Lifehacks that you can use. 2-in-1 Sunglasses!


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