6 Tips for Better Travel Photos!

It isn't a long and hassle procedure for beautiful travel photos in your travel trips. It's just a few things you need to know!

There are plenty of photographic equipment out there for us to consider bringing along with us, which some may cost more than our budget and some being heavy & bulky. Some preferably use the point-and-shoot digital camera or even simply just use a smartphone? What can we do to get better travel photos? Following is a collection of no-tech tips to help you with keeping up for your next trip.

[1] Wake Up Early, Stay Out Late

The early bird gets the worm, I'm pretty sure you've heard million times of that phrase. Well it's also true for travel photography. Light plays an important part in great photographs, as well as most of us loves romantic sunrise, sunset and other viewing experiences we get in the night time.

[2] Think “people, places, things.”
Basically, think of shooting the culture and ambient of the place you're going! You'll definitely want to bring back the "feel" of travel trips. It would always be the best souvenirs for ourselves for getting back the moments & memories we freezed at the right time and place in our photo.

[3] Rule of the Third

One of the most basic & classic photography tips ever is Rule of the Third. Understanding this rule will help you create a better balance in your photo composition. Knowing the subject of your photo is important so you can play with the framing well together with the rule of the third. Basically just put the subject in your photo's quarter framing.

[4] Think about the light, not only the view

The most basic and most challenging aspect in Photography is all about the light. It may seem easy to get lights in your photo, but it's definitely the next level to get good and suitable lighting for your subject in your photos sometimes. In fact, a bad lighting can damage your photo's composition or even quality. For your next trip, try to be more observant and look out for the good which shines on your subject well!

[5] Look up and down!

What often missing from our pictures are often the skies and ground. We tend to look at things at our eye level, missing out the beauty below or above us. Check out beyond eye level the next trip and you may get beautiful surprises!

[6] Turn the camera on its other side
Especially when you're using your Smartphone as your main camera, it's easy to flip from back to front camera. If you are using DSLR, no problem too. Simply just turn 360 degrees with yourself and your camera and you'll see different views that may be beautiful too! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Don't forget to play with angles too!
Last but not least, Thanks for Reading! The above photos are done shooting by Canon 5D Mk III, and my most prefer lens ever for traveling is the very lightweight Canon 50mm f1.4. My most preferred memory cards are from Sandisk, they are absolutely fast & good for the shots I desire. Nonetheless, I love bringing my Apple iPhone 7 for some good ol' travelling selfie & welfie too! Check out more of my random Photography work here too!

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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