20 Must-Pack Items for Cruise Trip

There's more to packing for a cruise than throwing a pile of clothes or garments into the suitcase and saying, "Bon voyage!" If you're going on Cruise, you'll need to consider factors like cruise line dress codes (which I initially didn't know as well) and temperature differences between a "parked" Cruise and Sea Days Cruise. Here's the inside scoop on savvy-cruise adventure packing, 20 Must-Pack Items for Cruise Trip:


1) At least 1 pair of Slipper / Sandals and 1 pair of Covered Shoe that is slip-resistant. The risk for slips and trips onboard cruise ships is huge. You can reduce the likelihood of bodily injury by investing in a good pair of slip-resistant shoes and paying attention to your surroundings at all times. Especially when it rains, some outdoor areas with the puddle of water which can be hazardous.

2) Universal adapter
Whether it's  a short trip or a long one or two-week cruise trip, having a universal adapter along for the ride is an absolute must. The Cruise does not have the same powerpoint adapter which Singapore has. It is definitely a need to bring along Universal adapter.

3) Medications
Some of the Essential Travel Medical Kit are:
- Painkillers
- First Aid Kit
- Anti-Diarrhea Pills
- Sorethroat lozenges
- Motion Sickness Medicine (if you've seasickness)
- Rehydration salt (just in case if Diarrhea, weaken or dehydration)

I would also bring along my own range of regular medicines, which is recommended if you know your own weakness. Just a reminder, you'll get to eat a lot on your Cruise trip. So probiotics or digestion supplements may be good if you've digesting issues.

4) Formal Wear (for Cruise Dress code)
Make sure you bring some clothing material that doesn't easily have wrinkles. Or you may need to bring along Anti-wrinkle remover spray too.

For Ladies: Long Dress or Gown / Women's Tuxedo or Suit
For Men: Tuxedo / Suit and Long Pants

Although, from what I see most people didn't follow the Cruise dress code but I think let's not spoil the ambient and set a good example. Let's dress up!


5) Card Holder Lanyard
Once you're checked-in, your passport will be kept by the Cruise staff and they will offer you a Cruise ship ID card for Access to ship (boarding and disembarkation at ports), usually required by security at many ports to enter the port and required to exit the ship. It's your Cabin room's door key as well. On Cruise, any spending is all done by showing your ID card (that also depends if you pre-registered your credit card with them) Since most cruise lines use a cashless system on board, the card is usually used to make purchases on the ship that are billed to the passenger at the end of the voyage. It holds basic passenger information such as the name of the passenger, dates of the voyage and much other information such as the name of the cruise company, name of ship, dining assignment time & location, drills muster station. So it's important that you carry around with you all time and day, and not to lose it. A Card Holder Lanyard would be a great help for this!

6) Earplugs
There would be many reasons for poor sleep on your travels trips especially if you are a light sleeper, have a snoring partner, or your noisy neighbor next to your room may make your stay not so pleasant. Not getting enough sleep can affect your physical and mental well-being and you won't want to get moody all day especially during travel. Using earplugs while it's the Fire drill rehearsal is useful too because the sirens are just too loud.

7) Binoculars / Long lens for camera
Binoculars help you get the most out of your travel experience, this is especially good for people who love viewing scenery or geographic details. For me, I would bring a Long lens instead of Binoculars. I'm much into 2-in-1 so I normally view and take photos at the same time. So it's up to your own preference what's best for you!

8) Raincoat
Although most of the time you'll be indoors. There'll be times you'll go outdoor and if the weatherman has a bad mood, you'll need to stay indoors all the time or stay outdoor possible with the raincoat. My entire 3 days cruise trip were raining, non-stop. It's really bad I didn't think of bringing Raincoat. Umbrella may be useful too, but not recommended as the wind will be strong on Sea Days!

9) Waterproof bags for Outdoors
Just like Raincoat, some days are unpredictable whether it's Sunny or rainy. We all hope for the Sun, but what if it rains? At least we've full protection, raincoat protecting ourselves and our bags are waterproof. There, you can still enjoy the sea breeze even when it's raining.

10) More beauty creams & sunblocks
My skin turns out to be really dry when it's Sea days probably because most of the time I'm indoors and always on air-condition. Many online references say to bring Baby oil to moisturize the skin to keep your skin less dry. If you're an outdoor person, sunblock would be an essential item on your list.

11) Jacket
This is only for the people who are not resistable to the cold environment. It's not really cold like winter, but the air-conditioner is strong. My husband doesn't really feel the cold because he loves being cold. So this may not be applicable to you if you're alright with being cold.

12) Powerbank
Wonder if you are allowed to bring a power bank on a cruise? Yes, you can. I brought my 20,000mah power bank hand carry in. And what's so good to bring a power bank along? For people just like me, takes photos and videos wherever I go, Facebook live and instant uploads. It's easy to use up battery life in a few hours. While doing all these, I can enjoy multiple charges without going back to my Cabin room or leaving my phone in it.

13) Toiletries Bag
The toilet cubical in the Cabin room is really tiny. There're not much walking space and lesser basin space for items. An "S-Hook" and Toiletries Bag would be essential for the small bathroom like this.

14) Luggage Tag
This would probably the last thing you think of if you don't travel that often. No matter what size your bag or luggage is, how far your destination goes, or even whether or not you are checking your bag, it's better to always carry some identification - identification that is all your own style!  You'll be surprised how large was the luggage collection hall... And every luggage can look the same in an entire mess. Bring a Luggage tag, to better identify your luggage. Save time!

15) Socks
This is especially if you plan to go Ice skating on the cruise. Just make sure you have long pants and a pair of socks or you can't skate. Rental skates are free to use, you will just need to bring along your socks.


16) Camera & Backup Batteries
Nowadays, most people take pictures using mobile phones. Hardly would anyone have a strap-on sling camera on them. Unless otherwise, you're a Photography enthusiast. I personally preferred to take photo and videos on my DSLR than my phone. Phones are definitely quick convenient and light at this point. However, there would be times our mobile phone may not able to capture details such as dim light performance on the Cruise. If you're the one who brings your Camera (other than mobile phone) along, please also remember to bring your backup batteries along. There are just too many interesting things to take photos of.

17) Swimwear
Especially for the Ladies! You won't want to miss out your good chance to do #OOTD on the Cruise! In addition, you get to swim with it! If swimming isn't for you, there are Jacuzzis too.

18) Waterproof bags for phone
Most people won't need it but it's good to keep some selfie image with your love ones while you're doing everything includes swimming too! Or even playing in the rain! I love capturing memories!

19) Sunglasses and Hat
Just some props to add to your #OOTD (outfit of the day) photographs! It's good to use on a sunny day too!

20) Gaffle tape & Rubber Bands
These are supplies you won't be able to find on the Cruise, so it's good to bring along. Both Gaffle tape & Rubber bands are good for especially packing all the Barangs you bought back. Gaffle tape can come in many other uses too, such as if the beauty cream bottles broke and I'll just temporary stick it so there will not be leakage.

Thanks for Reading! 
And Enjoy your Cruise Adventure!


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