20 Phone Apps I can't live without!

Just Sharing! These are the 18 Phone Apps I can't live without:

1) Whatsapp
Who doesn't chat on WhatsApp these days in Singapore?

2) Facebook
3) Facebook Page
4) Facebook Messenger
While this 3x Facebook App can entertain my entire day as well as manage notification well!

5) Google Maps
6) Google Translate
7) Google Drive
8) Google Calendar
Google is as powerful as Facebook, however in a different form. Google Maps helps me find my direction from places to places. Google translate can translate almost anything for me. Google Drive keeps my documents/pictures online and let me access them conveniently. Google Calendar reminds me things I needed to complete or do.

9) Instagram
Other than the photo post, Insta-story can be quite addictive. It's like a daily visual story to your life.

10) Meitu
Meitu transforms my skin flaws into a beautiful selfie. Haha!

11) Snow App
Snow App makes me play with the cute filter with my face in the picture! Similar to Snapchat.

12) Grab
Just a few clicks, I can get a private car to fetch me to anywhere I want to go!

13) DBS SG
DBS SG App makes me realized how poor I am while I swipe my card without having to calculate. As well as transferring cash makes it fast and easy!

14) Carousell
When I'm feeling poor, I sell whichever thing I have. Just Joking! Well, I think Carousell is a good platform to sell things I don't really use and won't want to waste. It is also good to buy things at a cheaper rate from somebody who doesn't need their items too. There are also many cool people selling handmade stuff which are good for gifts!

15) Repost
Repost app makes it all convenient and easy to repost other people's post with crediting their name on the post itself, as well as it can copy what the previous user post has written. It's good especially reposting giveaways or helping a friend to share the post.

16) Boomerang
It makes photos moves like a gif and it's funny.

17) CirclesCare
It's important for me to check how much data I am using, so I'm in control of the upcoming bill spendings. Yes, the app does the job. Previously I was using My Singtel App, what is better on CirclesCare app is it has a "add data" function. So it's kind of pro-rated to how much data you'll need. It's a newest and great telco in Singapore. If you're planning to sign for one, don't forget to use my code to get $20 off! Here's my code: THWTD

18) P Tracker (Period Diary)

Tracking my menses cycle is a habit of mine as so I won't make a mess in my pants. And while menstrual symptoms like irritability, anger, and mood swings can be a monthly bother for me so knowing it in time is all worthwhile so I can be in control of the situation and be being aware what is happening.

19) Pinterest
I love surfing Pinterest to look for new inspiration. Sometimes It's easier to show my friend's visuality than speaking to them in words. Pinterest always has great inspirations for such.

20) SGBuses
The most accurate and reliable bus arrival App recommended by many people. Bus app help me to know if I'll be late at any point of time for my upcoming appointments.

What are your Top 20 can't live without App?
Share with me yeah!

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