How to Choose the Best SD Card for your Camera?

SD cards (Secure Digital) are commonly used in digital cameras and some other digital devices. The micro ones are used for smartphones and tablets. Not all SD memory cards are created equal and if you haven't known it, they come in different speed, sizes and quality.

Some device may require a primary storage SD card, whereas some needs a higher capabilities ones.
How to choose the best SD card for your Camera? Here's a few things you need to look out:

- Brand: Some of the better brands are Sandisk, Transcend, Kingston, Toshiba, Sony G, Sony M, Verbatim & etc. 

- Speed Class:

The speed class is written on SD card in the below format. Class 2 are the slow cards which you might want to avoid. Class 4 and 6 is good enough for smartphones and tablet. Class 10 are ideal for shooting high-resolution videos or RAW photos.
sd card speed class 2 sd card speed class 4 sd card speed class 6 sd card speed class 10 sd card uhs class 1 sd card uhs class 3

- Physical size:
SD comes in different physical sizes, such as the normal SD card, miniSD card and the MicroSD cards. For different usage and devices, depending on the card slot available on the device.

- Capacity:
Like any USB flash drives and hard drives, SD card can be a form of storage media and have varieties of storage sizes for us to choose. The lowest size SD card I've ever seen is 512MB, and largest size one is 1TB by Sandisk Extreme Pro.

My best-preferred SD card is SanDisk, what's yours?


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