Cooking Life Hacks with Thermomix: Revolution of Cooking!

If you've ever wanted to learn how to cook, this Blog post is for you! 

After my marriage, I have been keeping up with learning cooking with my mother-in-law as well as checking out here and there for new Food & cooking knowledge. Well, I'm really grateful that within my learning journey I found this Kitchen Appliance that is super unique and rare... It's very useful and would definitely help me in my cooking experience, less time consumed (as I'm always really busy) as well as widen the varieties of things I can cook in a shorter time.

Well, Let me introduce Thermomix:

“Thermomix is not the commonly seen Kitchen Appliances, it combines the functions of 12 different appliances ALL-in-ONE: weighing, mixing, chopping, milling, kneading, blending, steaming, cooking, beating, precise heating, stirring and emulsifying... The Thermomix can: Cook many dishes such as pasta and rice. Steam fruit and vegetables, meat and fish... Thermomix is also 130-year history and a reputation for high quality, innovative products. Appliances don’t last as long as we used, but Thermomix is otherwise.”

The wonderful things you'll be able to do with your Thermomix:

* Fresh juice, smoothie, ice-cream in seconds 

* Bread / cake / cookie dough in seconds / mins with no mess 

* Mill flour from grains, grind coffee & cook healthy lower GI rice  

* Nutritious & delicious purée or broth for baby & convalescents 

* Braise, boil, double-boil, sous vide

* Sauté, steam, chop, mince , weigh, emulsify

* Pasteurize, pulverize, melt, mill, mix, whip  

* Multi-cook & self-stirring   

* Try tons of Thermomix recipes on the internet  

It's perfect for your family and loved ones. Thermomix is very much suitable for people who:
- Wants to change eating lifestyle to a much healthier one
- Hate process of traditional cooking methods
- Cook daily but can't cope with time
- Passionate about cooking but fear of fire 
- Don't know how to cook but want to learn
- Love to explore new technologies
- Run an F&B business and want to cut down expenses by reducing manpower

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Some Reasons why I bought my Thermomix:
- Healthy eating, cook at a lower temperature
Retain nutrients, natural flavour and aroma of the food.

- Save time while the cooking process is quick and easy with Thermomix
The user-friendly machines fasten up a lot of cooking process compare to the traditional way of cooking. 

- Learn cookingEvery Thermomix machine comes with Recipe book installed in the machine, I can hands-on and learn by the machine's guidance. I call this Revolution of cooking.

Expand the varieties of dishes I cook
When it makes cooking and a lot more things faster, I can save more time, and do more things and cook more stuff. 

Fear of Fire, Love this technology because no fire involves
Thermomix TM5 is an electrically operated food processor and cooking appliance with a gearless motor, Solingen steel blades and a stainless steel bowl. The Thermomix is able to chop, beat, mix, whip, emulsify, mill, knead, grind, mince, grate, juice, blend, melt, cook, stir, steam and weigh food. And all these don't require physical fire. As well as I can make ice cream with this machine. Love of my Life!

- Safe for both Adults & children
Many Thermomix advisor and their friends had let their Children try cooking on their own or have guidance. It's way too easy without the risk of burning themselves because Thermomix simply does not require fire to cook. As well as, some safety featured are thoughtfully created such as it won't start cooking if the cover lids are not locked. 

Better texture, better taste
When it comes to this topic, you gotta try it. Well, Come and experience it!
Better Food through technology, know what you’re eating and ofcourse tasting. 

Thermomix is my recommendation, Cook at Low Temperature for a better and healthier diet. Healthier choices for your Children. You should have one too!

Some Factors about Thermomix:

✔️40 Years of German design and innovation with Superior Quality.

✔️Made of Solingen Steel (same as Grade A Hospital Surgical Knives)

✔️LED Touch Screen (latest TM5 Thermomix model - upgraded)

✔️Use Turbo of Electronic motor to blend and not blades (won’t spoil so easily)

✔️Certified BPA Free

✔️Automatic lid locking mechanism (for safety, in case of children touch it)

✔️Food can be heated from 37 degree to 120 degree.

✔️Beeping tone to alert you when cooking is done. 

✔️Superior Quality GUARANTEED, It’s a product of Germany.

✔️100% positive feedbacks. 😊

This Video shows what Thermomix can really do in that short little time as well as they talked about its price in a funny way. Really enjoying watching them talking:

Apparently, TM31 is the previous version of TM5 (which is the latest with the LED touchscreen and many more features). They are 10 years old apart.

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Some other Thermomix Reviews / Recipes: | | Dinner with Julie | Thermomix Baking Blogger | Simones Thermomix Essentials | Chef and Divine | Nasifriet |

It's widely used internationally! I heard some well-known Hotels and Michelin's kitchen is using this as well.

And... It’s also super compact, measuring at 30cm x 28.5cm and 6.3 kg. When you sell all your old kitchen stuff (Magimix, blender, juicer and steamer), you’ll be left with a nice clean kitchen top, and some extra cash to add into the piggy bank. I think it's really great for me, at the right time at least. My BTO HDB flats is on its way, I haven't buy Kitchen appliances so it's a good time for me to get familiarize to Thermomix and have a clean and neat kitchen in the near future!

Thermomix is the future Modern Chef in our homes. 
Every Thermomix comes with their very own personal support from a Thermomix Advisor, who will remain a personal contact for service and support for the entire lifetime the Thermomix is in use. At the start. Cooking classes are also available, where beginners can explore other tasty recipes with the experts. 

There are also many Cookbooks that are dedicated to Thermomix recipes, as well as you can find many Thermomix recipes online. It is so Popular, it's not difficult to find recipes online. Such as this one below, onsen egg. I followed by the recipe in the basic cookbook and it's all over the internet.

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Another Good News for you! If you have heard about Thermomix before and have been considering Thermomix for a while, but have been holding back due to the price, think no further. Thermomix is now made more affordable with installment options. Choose either to pay in full or for free (t&c applies), or to pay by installments.

Just $3.20 per day, you empowered to create healthier meals for yourself and your loved ones. Do not worry that your Thermomix will not be put to good use. It would definitely help you to make this the one and only and avoid buying another "white elephant" in your kitchen. At times, when I cook new recipes, I will update my blog here as well as share some food for free tasting here. I paid full for my Thermomix so I have less worries about owe-ing people or companies money. Haha.

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♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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