Singapore has Hotsprings too!

Singapore has Hotsprings too! 

Well, for the people who don't know. I'm sharing today here on my blog! Many of us do not know of the existence of the Sembawang Hot Spring, it's hidden in a quiet corner on our mother island. There were at points discussions to turn in into a commercial venture a long time ago. The one-and-only nature hot spring in Singapore has lasted for 100 years by now.

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You must be curious about where in Singapore have hot springs right? It's located at Sembawang and many uncles like to bring their own pail to soak their feet and some aunties even bring their inflatable bathtub or pool over for a good hot soak... Well, you can see that scene, especially on a Sunday. On the other hands, I bring eggs (and hope to bring my cockles) to soak and cook at hot spring water temperature up to 90 degree Celsius. Well, it takes 30-45mins to get my half-boiled egg done. If you're bringing your eggs too, please remember to bring your cutleries too and don't forget to clean up after you've done your picnic. Be considerate!

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A little History about the Hotspring:

The Sembawang Hot Spring was found in 1909 by a Chinese merchant by the name of Seah Eng Keong, the son of Chinese pioneer Seah Liang Seah. The same Liang Seah which is now a road where we get our yummy steamboat buffets near Bugis!

A well was built along the spring, which became popular with the villagers, who frequently sought the waters for their supposed healing powers. The spring's fame spread, resulting in the village becoming known as Kampong Ayer Panas, which means "Hot Water Village" in Malay.

 In 1998, MINDEF acquired the land containing the spring for the expansion of the nearby Sembawang Air Base. They agreed to preserve the hot spring area and constructed a side gate for the public to access to the spring. The side gate actually isn't very obvious if it's your first time going there.

The hot spring was pretty popular back in 2002, and is less visited today but remains a popular spot for the occasional curious tourist groups and weekend visitors from people from the surrounding neighbourhoods. I really love the place and I'm sharing with you! Don't waste the FREE water... LOL... Go visit at...

Um.. there's no exact address for it.
So here's the clue:
Along Gambas Avenue, between Sembawang and Yishun
(it is surrounded by fence, look out for a Gate with huge red signage with white wordings)

Directions: Alight at Yishun MRT Station, exit from Exit C. Take buses 858 or 969 from the bus stop (B59079) and alight 4 stops later at Sembawang Road, opp Blk 115B (B57121)

Hotspring Gate Opening Hours:
7am-7pm Daily

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What to Bring:
The confirm MUST BRING things is Insect Repellent. Other than that, there are public pails share-able brought by the kind people, but sometimes it runs out because too many people are using it. It's good to bring your own pail and towel if you're soaking your feet. Bring your own pot, utensils, cutleries and eggs if you're going to make onsen eggs. Some uncles even bring huge water bottles to da-bao (bring back) the FREE water. So well, if you want to bring back some water as your souvenir... remember to bring your own bottles!

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Many people did not know about this gem and you can save your money by going to the Sembawang Hot Spring to enjoy free and unlimited hot spring water provided by Singapore's very own natural hot spring.

The area is maintained but you still can feel the kampong spirit and lifestyle here. However, things that are in Singapore doesn't last and if the government decided to do further development, this place could actually become History.

So if you're looking for new experiences in the weekends, feel the goodness of the warm and soothing hot spring water. Or I called it magical water! Its a precious geographical phenomenon bubbling quietly at this quiet little corner of the island.

Last but not least, please don't put your entire leg into the pail once you get the water. It's super hot. Try touching it first and slowly get into it. Don't hurt yourself, safety first. Enjoy!


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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