My First Chiffon Cake Lesson at Learning Artz Baking School @ The Grandstand

Need some ideas on what to do or where to go this weekend? Here's something good for you if you're looking for indoor activities over the weekend and especially if you love to make food or eat food. 
I've made this Chiffon Cake in a short 3 hours, and it's my first time learning and baking a Chiffon cake. Well, we all have that friend who loves baking and either they would mess up and burn down the kitchen (probably just like me), or make some in-edible cakes that look appealing enough. 
So here I am at Learning Artz located at The Grandstand. Before the class starts, most of the ingredients are prepared by the Baking School. 
The Kitchen, of course, has plenty of equipment which the Students are able to use during the class. It's my first time using a whipping kitchen appliance by myself, unlike Funsiamo DIY Baking class that everything was assisted by their staff. Hands-on makes me learn faster somehow, although I may fail for the first time it's always good to learn by practical.
Every Student was given an Instruction guide so we won't need to remember everything the teacher says.
The Lesson starts with Teacher showing us how to do every single step, as well as explaining to us the ingredient used. Followed by a free & easy question & answer while the teacher shows us the steps. Right After, we have the chance to hands-on.
Despite a reduced sugar recipe and using gluten-free rice flour, the cake texture is very soft & moist. We were given some special tips and techniques to create this cake using natural ingredients and coloring. Great for people who are health conscious.

After the first few steps of making the cake mix, we all leave it in the Oven together.
While all our cakes are in the Oven, Teacher explains how we should decorate our cakes.  The class is Bilingual in English & Mandarin and is easy to understand for anyone who is as new to baking as me. 
Here's what the teacher has designed for her own cake:
And... Here's the student's cake fresh from the Oven:
There goes my Chiffon cake:
I would say I'm really bad at this..
So... it's not perfect.
Baking Teacher was really nice to help me and everyone to improvise & shape the Cake well before we pack and go!
Here's my Final Cake! It does look like Professional Cake, amazingly!
Really Happy to attend Gluten-free Japanese Rice Chiffon Cake 日式米戚风蛋糕. Good chiffon cakes are moist, light, full of flavour and you can't stop at one slice. Most people love chiffons because of their lightness and the fact that they can come in a myriad of different flavors, including savory ones!

Here's other Students cake... All looks so Pretty!
The unique thing about Baking Workshop with Learning ArtZ Baking & Culinary School is they are more than just a baking school, you'll get to learn new skills and culture from invited Baking Chef from overseas. This time I learnt from Taiwan Baking Chef Cindy Chung, she also teaches in Taiwan.

All Participants will bring home their own decorated Japanese Rice Chiffon Cake. Now it's packed and ready to go, even the packing presentation looks so Awesome!
We enjoyed our lesson and the cakes!

If you would like to learn Baking from Learning Artz, here's their details:
[SHIFTED] Blk 465 Crawford Lane #02-16 Singapore 190465 
(corner unit directly above Tai Hwa Eating House at Blk 466)
Opening Hours
Tues & Thursday 10.30am-6pm
Wed, Fri & Saturday 10.30am-5.30pm


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