The Power of Photography: Time and Memories

Today's topic is a little different from my usual blog post. Sharing with you what I do not wish to regret and the Power of Photography, because time past, memories and people don't last forever.

Memories are destined to fade, and our brains that use to recall them will eventually shut down completely. Although you cannot make memories last forever, there are many things you can do to improve memory storage and recollection, and hopefully your most important memories will last a lifetime. My way of remembering my love ones is to always see them, in photographs.

As you may know, I've married from West to East of Singapore for about a year. When you don't see that somebody everyday, it seems like they aged very fast especially at this age. Science says time really does seem to fly as we get older. Family photo albums and family portraits photographs on the wall are just as important as Wedding Photographs. Why do more people spent on Wedding Photos but ungenerous on their own Family photographs? To me, maybe because Wedding is once in a lifetime or rather some Triple in a lifetime only *Touch wood*.

I take thousands of photos ever since I had a camera, and I do cherish every one of my photographs. Be it the one which I took now, or 10 years ago. I cherish it because it's part of my journey, memories and life story.

Just like, You may have hundreds of snapshot of you and your family on your mobile phone. However, they can’t compare to the unique portraits you will create with the what the Professional take. Great selfies may remain on your phone or on the icloud but Professional Sharp and clear portraits photographs will be displayed in your home with pride and joy, especially when your friends / relative visits.

Family photographs are some of the most important objects to us, and yet lots of us take them for-granted. We often don't realize the importance of family photographs until it is too late...  *Touch wood*

Some of the excuses we often give ourselves, too busy, need to have my hair done when I slim down, and what so ever. It’s hard to get everyone together, especially if you've a large family… and that's also why we need to treasure that moment when everyone comes together and cast memories forever. We’ve heard all sort of excuses many times. Sadly enough, sometimes it just never happens. I'm glad I've initiated, and make this came true. My family isn't the type who would initiate anything like this but because I'm a Photographer who deeply believe in this, I won't leave any regrets.

Sadly, I'm still regretful that I did not manage to create Photo documentary of the changes, growth and death of my grandparents, as we all grow and changes at different stages, look differently, feel differently, bond differently through times.

However, I'm just Glad. Now I can help others to fulfill this Love & Legacy.
These photos were taken by Canon 5D Mk III, 50mm f1.4 and Tokina 11-16mm.

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♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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