OuDao Ger Bayer (无针水光) Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence Skin Booster

As some may know, you may get some freebies from me and some other female bloggers this coming International Women's Day as part of its celebration. The Good News is a few of us will be doing a wholesome of Giveaway Goodies that is worth about a thousand dollars. This is a great collaboration with 6 bloggers and 10+ vendors who are supporting this Women's Day campaign. Here's one of the Giveaway item that we'll be sharing with you:

GER Bayer Hydrating Essence is known as the non-invasive Skin Booster treatment. It contains Hyaluronic Acid which can penetrate 5mm deep into layers of skin which many products aren’t able to do other than the injection Skin Booster Treatment which is painful and more expensive. GER Bayer Hydrating Essence is pain-free. 5 consecutive days of usage will give you the same hydrated glow skin result as the injection Skin Booster treatment for a fraction of a price.

Effectively resolves dehydrated skin, deeply awakens skin cells and increase elasticity of skin. Helps brighten skin tone and reduce pigmentations. GER Bayer contains 100, 000 tiny molecules to penetrate into skin effectively for deep hydration. It also helps for better absorption for skin care applied after. 

This tried-and-true skin care products from Oudao is absolutely good for people who feels their skin is no longer absorbing like how it used to be during your younger days. It absorbs into the skin real fast and works very similarly like ampoule.

Benefits of GER Bayer Hydrating Essence:
>Hydrate skin
>Reduce Fine Lines
>Heals and Prevents Acne
>Lighten Scars and Evens Out Skin Tone
>Brighten Complexion
>Retail Size and Price: 5ml, $28
-Suitability: All Skin Types, including dehydrated, aging, sensitive, eczemic and acne-prone skin.
-No. of days usage: It is recommended to use 1 whole syringe consecutively for 5 days.
-Once opened, please place unused serum in the refrigerator. You can only keep it for 3 days.

There are so many beauty products names out there such as Toner, Serum, Ampoule, Moisturizer and... What Is Essence?
An essence and a serum are essentially the same thing as it hydrates your skin from within. If you haven’t fixed this part of your routine yet, you need to do so right now – get your hydration game up with an essence. The generic moisturizers we use do not cut it anymore. You need something that brings out the inner glow and brightens your skin. Use a toner followed by an essence.

What Does It Feel Like?
Essence feels like water, which is its primary ingredient. It also contains active ingredients. Its watery consistency makes it permeable and effective. If you feel like the essence is evaporating quickly, don’t worry – that’s how it is supposed to be.

How Do You Use Essence?
You cleanse and tone before you use an essence. Take one pump into your palms and start applying it near your chin, and move up. It is watery and evaporates quickly, so give it a few minutes before you move on to the next step.

What Type Of Ingredients Go Into An Essence?
Generally, Essence primarily contains water, along with other active ingredients, extracts, and HCAs that help brighten your skin and retain moisture. Ingredients vary depending on the brand and the type of skin it is targeting.

Why Is Essence An Essential Step In Your Skincare Regimen?
Our skin is exposed to free-radicals, sun, and pollutants that are not only harmful but also take away your skin’s moisture, thus making it look dull and fatigued. Over time you will start noticing fine lines and wrinkles – which is where the essence helps.

The above essence are retailed at S$28.00/per 5ml and can be purchased at https://oudao13.com. Find them on Instagram @ Oudao13 or make direct enquiries with Zack at +65 94319111.

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